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DoodleDesigns' WIPs

Discussion in 'Show Me The Honey' started by Doodle Designs, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. NapalmArsenal

    NapalmArsenal Dances with Bees Contributing Artist

    Well, you can pretty much import your .obj files into Poser or save them out as a .cr2 to use in Poser. The prop set will probably be the worst of it and then the textures. Not sure on your textures though. For example, Iray PBRs are handled a little differently in Poser, but you could probably talk to @phdubrov about how to go about converting them. He's knows quite a bit about handling shaders for both Daz and Poser.

    For the size thing Lyne is talking about Daz has the option of selecting what size scale you want to use which does include Poser scale when importing .obj files.
    Last edited: May 2, 2017
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  2. Doodle Designs

    Doodle Designs Eager Contributing Artist

    Thanks NapalmArsenal. :)

    I used to use Poser, in fact, that was how I got started in 3D. But that was a long time ago (poser 3 thru 5). I switched to DS because it was free and I couldn't afford all the Poser upgrades. I have done some converting from Poser to DS, but that was before all this node-based materials. And that's where my problems come in.

    I pretty much know how to convert the objs and textures (I did upgrade to Poser 9 awhile ago and have tested the process - hopefully it hasn't changed between then and the current version), but creating the node-based materials is beyond me - especially now that Poser has two render engines.

    Thanks for the referral, but my thinking at this point is to not to try to learn Poser material conversion because I believe that it'll take too much time.

    After putting out the horsey stuff I'm currently working on, I plan to take a break from creating new products so that I can learn to use Blender. I currently use Hexagon but am SO tired of it's quirks and constant crashing that I'd like to learn to use Blender before I move on to another project.

    I have dabbled with the idea of upgrading and learning Poser materials, and maybe someday I will, but it's a higher priority for me to learn not only Blender, but iRay materials. If I tried to tackle Poser too, it'd probably be forever before I could move on to a new project.:confused:

    In fact, I'm learning Blender first and, depending on how long it takes for me to get to the point where I can model fairly well, I may even put off learning iRay materials until a future time - but hopefully not TOO long because I can see that more and more people are moving from 3Delight to iRay.

    But I'll keep @phdubrov in mind for the future. :)
  3. NapalmArsenal

    NapalmArsenal Dances with Bees Contributing Artist

    I have dabbled a bit in blender, but pretty much still a novice at that kind of thing, and I do believe Miss B. has some blender tutorials. I look forward to what you will create and totally get what you are saying about learning the Poser/Iray shader side of things. Node spaghetti is not fun LOL, but I think once you get the hang of things it comes much easier, and do keep phdubrov in mind! He's a pretty cool guy!

    Also, looking forward to your horsey stuff!! =)
  4. Doodle Designs

    Doodle Designs Eager Contributing Artist

    Will do! :) Thanks!
  5. Doodle Designs

    Doodle Designs Eager Contributing Artist

    I wasn't quite happy with the grain sacks that I had modeled - the ones with the burlap texture, I had wanted to model the type of feed bag that I was used to - a paper bag. At the time, I couldn't figure out how to create that look, so I went with the soft sided burlap sack.

    But I had an epiphany the other day about how I could model a paper bag with gusseted sides, so I created some.

    When I was ready for a test texture, I browsed the Internet for a picture. I just HAD to use the one you see in the below images - just check out the flavor shown at the top of the bag and the description below it. :D



    Another view so you can see the grain in the vertical open bag.


    I'll probably include both types of feed bags since I've already created them both.
    Last edited: May 5, 2017
  6. FairyFantastic

    FairyFantastic Energetic

    wow looks so realistic xx
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  7. NapalmArsenal

    NapalmArsenal Dances with Bees Contributing Artist

    Clever so very very Clever!! Looks horse yummie too!!

    Worst Incident with Rain was when she and Tobasco decided to raid the feed barn for the sweet molasses feed. We never gave them more than a cup full occasionally, but .............. gosh what a mess! LOL Well....... my lavender based perfume was a pretty bad one too! LOL I got Smelled and then sneezed on! ..........EEK!!
  8. Doodle Designs

    Doodle Designs Eager Contributing Artist

    Ah, horse sneezes! An equine shower! ;)
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  9. NapalmArsenal

    NapalmArsenal Dances with Bees Contributing Artist

    This one was more like ...... getting slimed in Ghostbuster!!:x3: ...... *cringe*
  10. Doodle Designs

    Doodle Designs Eager Contributing Artist

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  11. NG Artplay

    NG Artplay Eager Contributing Artist

    Wow, this has so many options. Great set!
  12. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Dakorillon (IMArts) Extraordinary Contributing Artist

  13. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Dakorillon (IMArts) Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Thought I would peep in and see how things are going.
  14. Flint_Hawk

    Flint_Hawk Ambitious

    I hope these are still being worked on! They look great!
  15. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    yeah...the ideas for hay stack is cool. variety of stacks and piles and clumps as well as different sized scatters coverage too. In a barn the hay doesn't just get dropped into one layer or flat etc..
    Please, I am NOT criticizing. These are cool items and would love to get my hands on them and I agree I would need for Posr as well. I can work with exported .obj files as long as they get uv mapped and textures are included with them so they can be retextured in Poser or other .obj based 3D apps.
  16. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    Would be nice having a set for those of us long in the tooth who still see feed bags made of stained, drab and stencil printed plain old sack cloth in our dried up little brains! LOL

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