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DoodleDesigns' WIPs

Doodle Designs

Contributing Artist
I'm currently working on a horse barn.

I created a single stall and a side wall. This way I can duplicate them to build barns with more than one stall. I plan on offering several barns so that people can choose the one that suits their needs.

Here's a barn with two stalls.

The next image has some walls hidden so you can see the interior.

I also plan to have a separate room for feed/tack.

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
Looks like a really nice start. Considering how nice your bathroom turned out, it will be great to see who this develops.

Doodle Designs

Contributing Artist
So far, I've come up with a few barn layouts.

2 stalls with a 6 foot tack room between them.

3 stall with a large tack/feed room on the end.

4 stalls with a small tack room in the middle.

If anyone would like any other configurations, please feel free to suggest them. :) It's relatively easy to duplicate the stalls for more.

Here's a look at the interior. As you can see, there are kickboards (with crib guards) all around the interior walls and bars to separate the stalls. I plan on adding a separation wall inside the large tack room so the tack and feed can be separated.

I also plan to add doors to the back of the stalls so that the doors can be left open for the horses to use fenced runs. All barn configurations will have the option to have the back doors or not.

There's an option to have a shingled roof.

Here the horses are in better shape than their barn. ;)

The textures are only preliminary tests.

Doodle Designs

Contributing Artist
Catch-up post on the barn-related items I've finished modeling:

I'll be creating multiple barn configurations.

Here's the 1 thru 5 stall barns (no tack rooms).

The next image shows 2 and 4 stall barns with a small (6'x12') tack/feed room in the middle.

In the next image, both barns are 3 stall barns with a large (12'x22') tack/stall room on the end, but mirror images of each other. I'll probably do the same for 2, 4, 5, and 6 stall barns.

The next is six stalls with a large tack/feed room on the ends.


Doodle Designs

Contributing Artist
Lights for the barn.

Flat-back bucket.

Fences and arenas.

Dressage - both sizes.

Jumping arena.

Panel fence arena.

Round pen.

Close-up of panel fence components. They will be individually be available so that you can build your own arenas/pastures. Same goes for the above wood 2 and 3-rail fences and gates. There'll also be a four-rail fence.

Metal fence panel.

Bow gate.

Walk-though gate.

Comparison of arena sizes.

What I plan to work on next:

- regular bucket ( with water and grain contents)
- feed tub (with grain)
- feed scoop (with grain)
- sacks of feed
- hay bales, loose hay piles, scattered hay for floor/ground, open bale, hay bale flakes, mouthful of hay for horse
- wood shavings for stall floor, pile of shavings, scattered shavings
- blanket rack with various blankets
- tack trunk
- hat rack for helmets and cowboy hats
- galvanized metal stock tank
- salt block and holder
- muck bucket with *ahem* "contents"
- manure rake
- flat-bladed shovel
- grooming tote with various items to fill it


HW3D Exclusive Artist
Man my "virtual horse farm" will be a lot nicer than my actual farm with all these!:) Though I do at least have my guys in virtual form too!:) "Base" Harry is my 12 yo Morgan gelding Tom and the Red Dunskin is my 10 yo Morgan gelding Flash.

(This is not at my farm:) I wish!


Doodle Designs

Contributing Artist
Lovely horses!

My first horse (in my upper 20's) was a 15 year old chestnut roan quarter horse gelding named Ashley. I learned to ride on him from a dressage teacher. I showed a few times.

I stopped dressage once I discovered trail riding. Four hours in the saddle sure beats 4 minutes in the show ring! IMHO

My second horse was a Missouri foxtrotter gelding named Angel. Smoooooth ride for all those long hours in the saddle. I went a little overboard with all the accessories - heeheehee!

Once I moved to Colorado, and finally had my own barn to keep a horse in, I got a Peruvian Paso gelding - another smooooth rider. I don't have a picture of him handy.

I no longer have a horse :(. Bad knees.:p


At last...a bale of hay that LOOKS like hay...nice and spikey :) A suggestion - here in Australia..lots of hat/straw bales are held together with light blue baling twine. using that colour in the model might make the ties much more visible ?

Dakorillon (IMArts)

Contributing Artist
Freyfaxi beat me to it! Yes! It looks like hay! Love the grain scoop and grain bags, too! Could you do a grain bag that was open showing grain or chicken feed?

Doodle Designs

Contributing Artist
I do plan on making an open grain bag as well as an open bale of hay, flakes of hay (to go in the feeder), piles of loose hay, and scattered hay for the floor.

I suppose I should make some scattered grain too. Horses can be messy eaters! ;)