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Dawn 2.0 Underway


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How is the rigging coming for Miss Dawn?

It's moving along again. Paul is working on the shoulders, neck and has started on the fingers now. He still needs to go back in and refine things, which is probably why he's waiting to post any videos of work in progress. When it's further along I'm sure he'll be showing videos or images or both. But having seen his work first hand it looks impressive.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I agree. The one word I'd use to describe her is SMOOOOOTH!! I'm really liking what you've accomplished so far, and look forward to seeing more of the hands next time, as that's where I always look for improvements, especially for hand/fingers posing.


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On of the niggles I had with Dusk and Dawn, from my picky view point, was when the hands were bent back there was an unnatural bulge on the top of the hand. I still see that but not as pronounced so hopefully squash that a bit more so her hands look good being bent back and bring that forward into Dusk 2.0's rigging and weight maps. Other than that, very impressed Paul! Thanks for sharing!


Can you do a better range of motion for when she folds her arms in front of her, Paul?
I always find this pose to be awkward. I guess it's related to how she looks stretching a bit. And the boobs do tend to get in the way a bit. So they need to be either compressed or moved forward a scootch?

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Nice work Paul. I'm especially liking how the fingers, mainly the thumb, are being adjusted. I always have a hard time tweaking hand poses, so having better options is definitely a plus. :)