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It's creating poses that takes my mind of the pain. See, I'm a nitpicker when it comes to poses. I always go for the movement in a pose. I want the speed to still be in there, like the figure can continue his or her movement any moment.
That takes time for me and I can be focused on one single phalanx for hours on end to get it just so. Of course I will have to let go at some point and be satisfied with it. I will never become a mass-production person, I can't. But I will have to be satisfied with my work at some point.

I have alot of unfinished projects aswell. Some of them are abandoned even because I haven't found a way to make them look realistic. A computer mesh is nowhere near the same as a human body, it will never ever be able to simulate what a human body can do. Human limbs do not break into other limbs when moved. They don't creace or tear where the joints are moved so to create certain type of poses, like yoga, with some degree of realisme and sincerity is for me a real challenge.
I really have to learn how to create morphs so I can create a very simple pose of a woman crossing her leg while sitting without her leg breaking into the other leg or just to have it laying on top of the other. An that are just the thighs. Both are unnatural but the skin and muscle tissue of a mesh doesn't exist so they can't act like real muscle tissue. It dents and bulges when squeezed by pressure. The type of muscle is different for various athletes.

Anyhew, it's a thing for me but I'm a nitpicker with this.
I find exercise helps to battle my fibro aswell, I like walks with our dog. I have the diagnoses since 2001 I think. I use to dance when I was young. Ballet and modern dance. Did you exercise before?
There is a mindset I have since my ballet days that has been imbedded in my brain since then. It keeps me moving and battleling. And I do allow myself days of leisure and feeling sorry. I have a good cry, alot of chocolate. Curse all my hotflashes and pick myself up the next day.

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Thank you for your uplifting words! Ballet is such a demanding sport! No wonder you have a battle -through mentality!
I am working on more exercise, but military exercise is one of the things that really ruined my body, lol. So, now I'm trying stretching, yoga-type breathing and walking, but not too far. As my weight is going down from this Keto diet I'm on, I'm hoping that I can add bits more to it. Finding the right combination of herbs to help me, is super important, too! I think I've git upon a set that is working for me, to help mental problems, and hot flashes. And using my UV light in these dark days, helps, as well.

I've even felt flashes of creativity recently and wrote about 3K words on my novel. That hasn't happened for months!

As for art, I'm working on a piece with dusk and the HW horse as a southwestern scene. I have the background nearly done in Howler, and then into DS for adding the characters.

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Wow it's been since January, so many things have changed! And yet, many things have stayed the same.

I have gotten involved in more art projects, 3 webinars down, 2 at Daz now. Beta testing, which I generally enjoy. Studying about concept art, which I think ties into my previous thoughts on "Epic" art, some. No further movement on my writing, and only drips and drabs in actual art. The Challenges were really good at pushing me to do something, anything!

The Keto diet monitored by Virta Health through the VA has been both a joy and a sorrow. I did remove 35lbs, and am off all diabetes meds, but the numbers still aren't where they completely need to be. And the Scale refuses to budge!

I have been doing lots of thinking about my websites and other social media, to really decide what I want them to do.

Lots of ideas, but still no ability to actually carry it forth.

Lastly, I have been involved since March with the Author Steve Alten and his project to bring to the web a virtual aquarium and 'resort' with monthly webisodes about the doings there. He is the guy that wrote "MEG" and the forth coming "The Loch". It has been interesting and draining!

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January... there was a January?... I vaguely recall Februtember and maybe Apruly or something... I can’t recall most of the past eighty two months since 2019...
I know exactly what you mean!
The SeaMonsterCove.com has launched. Life hasn't slowed down any. Still can't decide exactly what I want to do with social media, but, I've done some good research.

I found a YouTuber that I have watched all their videos, Minnie Small. I love her attitudes, and mannerisms for the most part, she is very inspiring.

Dakorillon (IMArts)

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Wow! It's been almost a year since my last meanderings.

A year of many changes, some fast as the blink of an eye, that you just had to hold on to your hat and bully through, and some at a slow pace, that you just put your shoulder to the wheel and keep pushing to get it to happen. All in all, though, I think that has caused some "mourning" that I didn't recognize all of. Whenever there are lots of changes, we mourn the old/familiar/lost, even if it's for just a moment. (or maybe in some cases we celebrate them!) Either way, the psyche/emotions have to catch up, and when there is lots of them one right after another, we may not even notice that we haven't! I have a number of habits/coping mechanisms that have been dropped by the way-side, that I need to pick back up again and re-integrate into my daily/weekly life.

Now that a couple of really big changes have happened, I can reset my schedule and goals to realign. Getting away from a toxic situation has been a struggle, but now I can breathe again. And maybe (okay for sure, because I'm already starting to notice it!) my mind will be clear enough to have some creativity again, instead of being constantly occupied with how to cope with the next crisis.

It has also been a time of growth (another stressor!). I've tip-toed into the land of book cover making (I've completed 22 in the last year), and Print on Demand and both those have had an exponential learning curve. So, while I'm not creating to my own imagination, I have been fulfilling other folk's imaginations. And doing logical things like testing to keep my fingers flexible. But, no writing. Though I do read author's forums/blogs to keep the ideas at the back of the brain.

But, letting myself take a moment to mourn, to celebrate, to establish new habits in the new place and new situation, that is something that I really need to do now that the rush has slowed a little. Hubby has a new job that he is loving, in a better place w/o the toxic atmosphere (and only a little smoke from distant wild-fires). We have a new house, w/o the toxic atmosphere there (not an apartment!!!! and we have a green house, and storage/garage!) so, new routines need to develop in place. And I need to practice my meditation, journaling and spiritual reading to continue to allow those things to process (I still feel like it will all be taken away, at this point, but now that closing on the house has happened, it's starting to ease up) and peace to fill my heart. And then, I'll have reserves again to deal with the other happenings outside, without ruining what is going on inside my bubble.

I'm hoping that as that happens, that story plots/art ideas will start bubbling back up and be ready to come out my fingers again. I still love Minnie Small, and have a couple of others, like Wow Art, and Benny Productions that give me a happy vibe and so I watch regularly to recharge that battery, as well. I do need to cut out more of the extraneous/political vids...just let them go and the worry that goes with them.

The Universe provides, if you can be patient enough.