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Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat 2016-10-05

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Cybrea submitted a new resource:

Cheshire Cat - Cheshire Morph for the HW House Cat

Morph and Expression for the HW House Cat.

Install: unzip to My Daz 3D Library.
Can be found under: \Animals\HiveWireHouseCat\Characters\Cheshire Cat

note: Apply the Cheshire Cat Morph first. Then apply the Grin Expression which uses the dials from the house cat. If you change the cat's pose, it will overwrite the expression, you must re-apply the Grin again.

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Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Hmmmmm, I wonder . . . . I've not tried it, but could all but the mouth, teeth, tongue, etc. be made invisible? I wouldn't have thought of doing that with a 3D model, but just curious if parts of an object can be made invisible, assuming someone doesn't come up with a MAT pose to do that. ~hint, hint, hint~


Thanks for the morph.
The grin alone could possible be done with hiding parts and a transmap perhaps for the head, if I have time at the weekend I'll have a go.


Mostly RETIRED HW3D QAV Director (QAV Queen Bee)
Staff member
Blast from the past - cool indeed :)

Welcome to the Hive, Richard!