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Best way to hide whiskers in Zbrush?


Contributing Artist
I assume that they were modelled as separate objects and then attached to the animal. If that is the case, you can use the polygroup features.
Go to the Polygroups sub-palette and use the Auto Group button.
Now you can use Ctrl-Shift to hide and show the polygroups. See also here: Polygroups | ZBrush Docs


Zbrushing through the topology
Contributing Artist
Masking? Seems to unprecise. Is there a better way?
I know it is an old thread already Janet and you probably found your way already.
Masking can be very imprecise especially if you use tablet pen , or pressure point , it is easy to miss a spot especially on small objects like whiskers.
The best way is to hide the whiskers as Esha stated already, but what I am doing is clicking on the whiskers holding Ctrl+Shift , hide everything else and use the mask from the Mask Tab or click on the empty screen holding Ctrl, it will automatic mask the whole whiskers , why it is good ? because now you can work with dynamic subdivision while making morphs because you can't actually hide the whiskers as it will turn off the dynamic subdivision . I have the same issue when working on Dawn figures, the eyelashes are a problem when using dynamic subdivision, and for my liking it should be already separated conforming figure. Plus not everyone uses this type of eyelashes anyway.
So what I do is masking the whole figure beside the eyelashes and move them far away from the head , after I finish morph, I bring them back to the spot using moving brush, this way I can use dynamic subdivision and nothing stand me in my way, you could do the same with the whiskers in place of maskin it .