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Bagginbill's shaders


Since everyone knows that Bagginbill is the man when it comes to material shaders for Poser, I'd like to start this thread as a repository for his vast wealth of knowledge. If you use one of BB's shaders, how about sharing it with everyone, preferably with an example of what it looks like rendered and the node setups in the material room.


Here's one I use pretty constantly; basic shiny metal. I gleaned it from one of those long meandering threads full of various different shaders, captured and saved it, and now I use it as the starting point for any metal I render. Here's the node setup:

BB Basic Metal Nodes.png

I made it gold both to show where you put in a color if you want colored metal, and to show what shade BB gave us to use: It's RGB 255, 215, 150. That's gold all right, works perfectly on jewelry and everything else I've tried it with.

Here's the rendered result:

BB Shiny Metal Dragon.png

Note the little gray and black "marbley" areas on the top surfaces--that's because I used a (hastily chosen) busy skydome (if you look at the sphere you'll see all the furniture and that the ceiling has colored beams). I'm convinced that at least half of the success of a reflective shader is your choice of skydome. It pays to test render!


Contributing Artist
I agree...reflections need something to reflect. I remember Bagginbill giving me that tip when I was working on satins in Shadermixer.


Yeah, i remember him saying something similar in a thread where I had asked him for help with a sword I was making for Roxie.


A little tip for the Refract/Reflect node - set Background_Colour to something ridiculous, say bright green or magenta. If you see any bright green or magenta in your render then you haven't got enough raytrace bounces in your render settings (or the rays are travelling to their maximum limit and not hitting anything). If you leave it black you probably won't even notice the error.