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Any changes in Dusk and Dusk SE?


Okay, so here's the concern. As some of you know there's a new Dusk in town. I haven't upgraded yet, so I'm still making stuff using the original Dusk. This includes some clothing, and poses and animation. Have there been any changes which physically affects the way clothes , poses or morphs made for OG Dusk adversely affects Dusk SE?


Wolff Playing with Beez!
Contributing Artist
Rigging is the same so poses work as expected. There was one niggle I brought up to Paul when we were talking via email about some help he was providing for me when I was developing and I brought up the fact that the updated Dusk's pecs when combined with many of the pec morphs created a shelf under the pec line, very ugly when he's shirtless. I really hope they fix this with an update at some point. It's not a deal breaker but if this were to be noticed in Q&A it would have been sent back for a fix! Other than that clothing fits just fine, facial morphs are fine too.