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Anniemation Products at HiveWire 3D


Just sent the email. If it works out, consider it a Merry Christmas to your customers, and the HW Puppy folks :)

It's worth mentioning that I parented the ball to his lower jaw once it reached his face. If it's parented to the head throughout the animation, the ball tends to go crazy following every movement of the head even before it reaches the dog.



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This has been two years in the making, I've been working on it off and on since I joined here in 2017. Finding video reference was really difficult and I just wanted it to be good so I would work on it for a while, take a break and pick it up again. Submitted it to quality control a few months ago but needed to take a break to learn more about aniMate - which I did. It has animations for all the big cats (except cougar) including cubs. Anyways here it is:

Animations for the HiveWire Big Cat - An Anniemation Creation at HiveWire 3D

Oh and here's a short tutorial I did about aniMate:


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It's one of those weird instruments. Not like guitar or violin which everyone plays.


Janet asked me to share this with you.
I used the lovely Strike a Chord product for this image and won the PC+ Weekly Inspiration Contest! Can you hear the music? In the background is one of Ken's bird.

Snoopy wants cookies!
What better place to practice than the pool on the roof top. What a view! There Shannon can concentrate on her music and maybe daydreaming too.

Snoopy loves cookies and can smell them from far far away. But what will happen to the float when Snoopy gets to the plate? At least Shannon has a bathing suit!
19_Ranch pool.jpg