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  1. Reaching Out

    Reaching Out

  2. Winter Girl

    Winter Girl

  3. Coming Back Home - Winter Winds

    Coming Back Home - Winter Winds

  4. Winter Afternoon

    Winter Afternoon

  5. Winter Joy

    Winter Joy

    I'm finally finally finished Winter Glitter for Superfly :)
  6. Dance of the Snowflake

    Dance of the Snowflake

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  7. Kitty Love

    Kitty Love

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  8. Territorial Disputes

    Territorial Disputes

    DD3 Custom skin colors
  9. Castle Vanaheim3

    Castle Vanaheim3

    My character in the wintery landscape of Iceland. (Now called Vanaheim)
  10. Winter


  11. Snow Angel

    Snow Angel

    Another kind of Snow Angel
  12. SnowFox Lady

    SnowFox Lady

    Lyne's Creations Kit Fox
  13. Highcountry winter deer

    Highcountry winter deer

    Had this image in my head and it took a few days to develop the trees and the environment, but I am happy with the results, enjoy! DS, Iray, and No postwork
  14. Holiday Unicorn 2016

    Holiday Unicorn 2016

    Unicorn in holiday finery prances through the snowy winter woods.
  15. Keeper Of Winter Woods

    Keeper Of Winter Woods

  16. Winter Frolick

    Winter Frolick

  17. Queen Mab

    Queen Mab

  18. Sweet Talkin

    Sweet Talkin

  19. Winter Hunting

    Winter Hunting

    Dusk, Bomber jacket with Fabi's blanket material, HW horse, CWRW main/tails Ken's Red-tailed hawk PhotoGG's sky incorporated with a Laksmi background
  20. Frozen


    G2F and HiveWire Horse