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  1. Kimi ethereal blades

    Kimi ethereal blades

  2. Get the Staff

    Get the Staff

  3. Minako's Ready!

    Minako's Ready!

    I'm more into Anime than I thought!? :)
  4. 19112016


    Sora, Kombat part of Ao Dai
  5. Up for a fight

    Up for a fight

    Poser 11 Sora
  6. On the Defensive

    On the Defensive

    I'm not into Anime, but love Sora!
  7. Contemplation


    I'm very happy with this one! :)
  8. Have A Nice Day!

    Have A Nice Day!

    Sora, String Bikini, Fashionista Hair, Dawn's Skinny Jeans, Ghostman's MadGhost Sawed off Shotgun.
  9. 60s/70s Retro

    60s/70s Retro

    Art of Mind's Spirit Champion and Sora for Dawn and Art of Mind's Go Go boots.
  10. Festival of Falling Leaves

    Festival of Falling Leaves

    Slayer Kit Textures, Sora and the HiveWire House Cat and Tenacity Suit
  11. Sorajuku Close Up

    Sorajuku Close Up

    Doing some custom eye textures.
  12. Sorajuku


    Sora with Flower Fairy For Dawn outfit.
  13. Oh ..... That! ......... The Fluffy Did It!

    Oh ..... That! ......... The Fluffy Did It!

    Sora and the HiveWire House Cat, and Tenacity Suit with a little customization.
  14. So Ladies....... What if men were motorcycles?

    So Ladies....... What if men were motorcycles?

    Just a fun one using Sora!
  15. Sora - Zombie Slayer

    Sora - Zombie Slayer

  16. Kitty Team

    Kitty Team

  17. Gadget Girl

    Ao Dai for Dawn/Sora/Diva/Alexis

    So I thought it was about time I put together a thread for the outfit I'm working on. All the Dawns by Gadget Girl posted May 26, 2016 at 3:39 PM I haven't posted much on it recently, because I've been fiddling with lots of little bits to refine the morphs, and the textures. It will be a...
  18. Kitty Girl

    Kitty Girl

    Kitty Dawn texture and HiveWire Horse with Kitty Ponies Tiger texture
  19. Kitty Dawn Face

    Kitty Dawn Face

    A texture I was playing with
  20. Kitty Dawn

    Kitty Dawn

    Playing with a fantasy texture :)