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  1. Partial Body Morphs G8F

    Partial Body Morphs G8F

    Partial Body Morphs G8F Vol 2 by Anagord
  2. Noah


    VERSUS MODELS - Head Morphs for G8M Vol1 by Anagord - Noah shape
  3. VERSUS Julija

    VERSUS Julija

    VERSUS MODELS - Head Morphs for G8F Vol1
  4. Partial Face Morphs G8M

    Partial Face Morphs G8M

    Partial Face Morphs G8M Vol 1 by Anagord
  5. Ken1171

    Genesis 8 Female in Poser

    This week I've got commissioned to create dozens of morphs for G8F, but she seems incompatible with CR2 Exporter. I can't be sure, but it looks like she has 2 bones (bend and twist) per group in some body parts, which breaks the Poser rigging mold. I use the Morphing Tool and magnets to create...
  6. SF-Design

    Free Belly Button Morphs for Genesis 3

    Get it here: Free Belly Button Morphs for Genesis 3 Female(s) and Male(s)
  7. SF-Design

    Daz Studio Free Belly Button Morphs for Genesis 3 2017-06-01

  8. Faery_Light

    A link for my new Freebie site.

    I just created a site to put all my freebies in one place so they are easier to find without searching. Here is the link, let me know if a link fails to work. They all work for me but I can make mistakes...lol. Faery Light's Digital Doings
  9. Darryl

    Exporting figure from Poser for full body morphing

    I've been told that it's not possible to export an obj of a figure from Poser to Blender (or any external modeler) for creating full body morphs. The preferred method is to import the original obj directly into the modeler. I'm curious though, because some characters I've seen have both official...
  10. Gadget Girl

    Poser Cloth Room Refits 2016-05-27

    This is the first of some cloth room tutorials that I'm working on. This one focuses on how to refit dynamic clothing items for extreme morphs and other characters. It also covers how to save your refit as a morph for your existing dynamic cloth item. Let me know if you have any questions or...
  11. J

    What morphs would you recommend?

    Howdy. So I'm determined to finally make a go of Dawn. I was an early adopter when she was originally released, but the immediate needs of the kind of work I needed to do sent me back to V4. Essentially, I had to be expedient and use what I had at hand. But! That was a long time ago now! :)...
  12. Gadget Girl

    How to add morphs to clothes without infringement?

    So as I'm putting together my conforming clothing set I have a question on morphs for clothing so that they match the figure. With my free robe I did a morph for axel, but that was all done with manual adjustments so I didn't worry about it, and just used the Axel morph as a guide. However if...
  13. Gadget Girl

    Creating a morph from scaling

    So I feel like I saw how to do this once upon a time, but I can't find it anymore. I've created a robe for Dusk. Now that there is an Axel version for Poser, I went ahead and got Axel, and spent some time adjusting the robe to fit him. The biggest changes where scaling but there are some other...
  14. mininessie

    Dawn dilated pupil

    hi! i want to know please where i can find a morph for it...i was looking in the shop morphs,but i can´t see one...perhaps i missed it...thanks in advance!
  15. Pendraia

    Pendraia's ShareCG Portfolio 2015-12-04

    A link to my ShareCG Portfolio.