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  1. Of Earth And Sky

    Of Earth And Sky

    Custom Morph for the HW horse
  2. Unicorn Lace

    Unicorn Lace

    Done with the TB racing form morph and Spring Pastel Tulips
  3. Forest Ghost

    Forest Ghost

    Done with the Unicorn Coat and TB Racing Form Morph
  4. Time For A Rest

    Time For A Rest

  5. War Pony

    War Pony

  6. The Falconer

    The Falconer

  7. The Kitties

    The Kitties

  8. Forest Flight

    Forest Flight

    HiveWIre Horse Wild Rose tack (converted for the HIveWIre Horse) beta Show Off Poses
  9. Faery_Light

    Harry flHWHorseMR 2017-02-07

    flHWH Mr consists of three eye colors, five coat colors, five each manes, tails, and fetlocks and two bump maps. The bump maps can bue used as extra textures as well. There are transparency naps for mane, tail and fetlocks. This package is a Merchant Resource and may be used to create...
  10. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light's flMR for HWH:WIP

    So while waiting for all my feedback from testers for BeJeweled I worked more on a project that has been on the back burner for a bit. Here is what I've been doing, keep in mind that this will be a resource pack and I have not added any bumps, specular or displacement to these images. The two...
  11. Friends Of The Wild

    Friends Of The Wild

    Roderigo and Kitty Pony Friend
  12. Friends Of The Wild

    Friends Of The Wild

    Roderigo and a leopard pony, relaxing together in the Wilds.
  13. The Red Dress

    The Red Dress

    Diva for Luna HW Horse QAD Headstall Christening Gown