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  1. Friends Of The Wild

    Friends Of The Wild

    Roderigo and a leopard pony, relaxing together in the Wilds.
  2. The Red Dress

    The Red Dress

    Diva for Luna HW Horse QAD Headstall Christening Gown
  3. Why can't I just ride bareback?

    Why can't I just ride bareback?

    Ever have one of those days when it's so exhausting just getting ready to do your favourite thing that you don't have the energy to DO your favourite thing? Diva getting her Shetland Pony ready to ride. I think she'll enjoy it once she gets on!
  4. Forever Love

    Forever Love

  5. What'cha Doin'?

    What'cha Doin'?

    Luna as Deirdre, HW HouseCat, HW Horse-Vanner Skin, Shetland morph, my customizing. Post work in FilterForge and PD Howler 10
  6. Friends


    In QAV- poses for the Hivewire horse
  7. Little And Large

    Little And Large

    Work in progress- combined poses for the Draft Horse and Shetland
  8. Mare and Foal

    Mare and Foal

    Work in progress- poses for the Hivewire Horse and Hivewire Foal. This pair of poses is based on a famous painting by Landseer.
  9. Horse Riding

    Horse Riding

  10. Charming Girl

    Charming Girl

  11. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Poser & DS IM- Fantasy Unicorn - Chroma-TieDye 2016-12-18

    Due to popular vote, the TieDye set of textures for the Unicorn/Horse have been released free. The read-me contains all the instructions for use. There are textures for both DS and Poser. They work with any Breed morph that I tested, and add a bit of groovy fun to your renders. Besides, eyes...
  12. Midnight Tryst-Starlight

    Midnight Tryst-Starlight

  13. Wild Herd-Night

    Wild Herd-Night

  14. Flying With Moths

    Flying With Moths

  15. Faithful Vigil

    Faithful Vigil

  16. Ocean Dance

    Ocean Dance

    Practicing lighting techniques. Post work (the splashes) in PD Howler.
  17. American Freedom 4

    American Freedom 4

    Final render with postwork