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  1. Narrow Escape

    Narrow Escape

    So much I like the old paintings and coloured engravings of the classic fox hunting so much I hate the fact, that it still exist and is allowed. While researching for this image I found a lot of cruel things, that's why it became quite a matter of the heart...
  2. Snowy


  3. Reaching Out

    Reaching Out

  4. Green Algae Bloom

    Green Algae Bloom

    seahorse for the HiveWire horse by Freyrstrongart, Seahorse Textures
  5. Plains Centaur-Done-sm

    Plains Centaur-Done-sm

    Horse, Dusk, Taka texture, Running Horse Texture, Wild Rose Tack, Native tack, Tribal Ornaments, Dusk Jewelry, Musica Fantasia, Nataani Pose,bow, purse, belt, arrows. Racing Tack for HW Horse, Western Saddle Texture on Blanket, Post work in PD Howler
  6. Northern Centaur-sm

    Northern Centaur-sm

    Daz Studio Dawn, with Minako, Body type 1, Body Type 6, custom dial, The Huntress Dress, gloves, bow, purse, belt, arrows. Racing Tack for HW Horse, Western Saddle Texture on Blanket, Tenacity Tails, My textures. Centaur for Dawn with tweaks for DAZ by me, Iray Worlds, Postwork in PD Howler
  7. Night Flight

    Night Flight

  8. His Hawk, His Hound, His Lady Fair

    His Hawk, His Hound, His Lady Fair

    Arabian for HW Horse Dusk with Joe skin, custom morph Peregrine Falcon Big Dog with Black Lab skin My background from PD Howler
  9. Its All In The Touch

    Its All In The Touch

  10. Looking


  11. Simple Elegance

    Simple Elegance

  12. Seabuscuit


  13. Indian Princess

    Indian Princess

  14. Renegade


  15. War Paint

    War Paint

  16. Subtle Reflections

    Subtle Reflections

  17. On A Pale Horse

    On A Pale Horse

    Death comes riding on a pale horse.
  18. The Tomb Of Death

    The Tomb Of Death

  19. Fear


  20. Jungle Queen

    Jungle Queen