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hivewire house cat

  1. CWRW

    Poser & DS CWRW Siamese Character V2

    My Siamese Character for the HiveWire House Cat- we have fixed the Poser version so now it is properly scaled/no manual scaling required. Also included is a ReadMe - please do read it:) My Siamese texture set is not included/is available separately in the HW store. A HUGE Thank you to Janet...
  2. Rays of hope.jpg

    Rays of hope.jpg

  3. Hi There!

    Hi There!

  4. Lost Kitten

    Lost Kitten

  5. Taking A Nap

    Taking A Nap

  6. Is Mine

    Is Mine

  7. Walking Through the Woods on a Snowy Evening

    Walking Through the Woods on a Snowy Evening

    Done with Xurge's Rogue outfit for Dawn and Khel'Sing for Supernatural Slayer Kit
  8. Feline Fantasy

    Feline Fantasy

    Life is like a Goldfish bowl... :)
  9. Alisa

    Welcome the HiveWire House Cat!

    HiveWire House Cat - A HiveWire 3D Creation by CGCubed, Christopher Creek Art, and CWRW Now, finally, a cat who obeys YOUR commands! Introducing the HiveWire House Cat! Soft, sweet and purring or prickly and hissing, and just in time for your Halloween Renders! This base House Cat figure...