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  1. Time For A Rest

    Time For A Rest

  2. Waterfall Guardian

    Waterfall Guardian

    A test of an outfit I'm working on.
  3. The Fairy Touch

    The Fairy Touch

  4. Diva And And Impish Idea

    Diva And And Impish Idea

    Diva for Dawn Amira Skin and Skyla eyes
  5. Pendraia

    New Blog at Wordpress

    With my daughter's help (she's doing a marketing/communications degree) I'm trying to set up a more professional presence on the web to help promote my products as they are released. With this in mind...I've just started to set up a blog which can be found here for anyone who is interested. I...
  6. The Catterfly

    The Catterfly

    A bit more fun on the Fantasy side using the HW House Cat. He zips and zooms and FLIES and chases butterflies.
  7. I'm A Leaf In The Wind

    I'm A Leaf In The Wind

    What fun it would be to float on the air currents like a leaf in the wind.
  8. Fairy Lit Marsh Cat

    Fairy Lit Marsh Cat

  9. Beauty Has Her Way Close Up

    Beauty Has Her Way Close Up

    Background image is from the Dance of the Flowers Expansion Set and the Roses are from Moonbeams creations at Renderosity mane and tail are CWRW's Mane and Tail 3 available at HiveWire3D
  10. Beauty Has Her Way Full Image

    Beauty Has Her Way Full Image

    Trying out some images with some of my different Backgrounds
  11. Cute N Gothic

    Cute N Gothic

    Part 3 of the Gothic Anime set mix and match characters using Kimberly as a base.
  12. Magical Mayhem

    Magical Mayhem

    Part 2 of the Anime Gothic Set using mix and match morphs and Kimberly as a base.
  13. Transfixed


    Daz Mixie Matchie Char using Kimberly as a base.
  14. Tiaria2


    Another of Tiaria, but don't like it as well.
  15. Tiaria3


    A Spriteling in the forest
  16. Veritasiar Draekyn

    Veritasiar Draekyn

    A wee winged Pirate, half Faerie Dragon, Half Sprite...There was some magic going on here...
  17. This Inspired Me

    This Inspired Me

    We were asked the question, "What inspired you to start doing art/3d". This was my answer, Wanting to do characters for Gaming, Wanting to do illustrations and covers for books, and sheer imagination. Art, Music, Beauty and Love, these are the things that make life worth living. -Dead Poet's Society
  18. Queen Mab

    Queen Mab

  19. The Elusive Golden Honey Bee

    The Elusive Golden Honey Bee

  20. Forest Jewel

    Forest Jewel