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  1. The Leap-sm.jpg

    The Leap-sm.jpg

    Dawn with Kitty Skins by Rae (Unreleased) HW Tiger Crocodile from DS Forgotten Temple DS Rendered in Daz Studio, Post work in PD Howler.
  2. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    How to save a size morph

    I need to save a size/scale morph in both Poser and DS. Basically, Harry at 80%. It's for a product, so I only want it to save the size, right? I can't figure out what to save it as. Everything I've tried seems to put ALL of Harry's info in the file. Is that what is supposed to happen? I had...
  3. WIP Time To Rest And Talk

    WIP Time To Rest And Talk

    Night Eyes shaders for Iray and Superfly WIP, iray version
  4. Ken1171

    How do I rig boots created with the feet posed in DS?

    How do I rig boots created with the feet posed in DS? I have this pair of G3F boots I have reshaped to fit G8F, but they were modeled with the feet posed. How do I rig boots created with the feet posed in DS? I have tried 3 different approaches, but none has worked so far. Like in most puzzles...
  5. Amelia


    Trying out the new Amelia character from Rendo
  6. ibr_remote

    I have some settings for fast render using iRay in DS

    If anyone is interested, I have made screen captures of my iRay settings in DS for fast rendering without too much compromise with image quality. I made this into a video slideshow and uploaded it to my YouTube acount. I hope this will be helpful in some way.
  7. Ready For A Sleigh Ride-sm

    Ready For A Sleigh Ride-sm

    HiveWire horse x2 Thoroughbred texture and Draft textures. Vintage Sleigh Gypsy Wagon Harness from HiveWire Winter Forest Scene My background Postwork in PD Howler Collar from ShareCG Ankou
  8. Gadget Girl

    Grouping in DS and trouble with .cr2 export

    So I'm trying to convert a DS item to Poser, and I'm having issues. I think it has to do with grouping in DS, but I'm not sure. So here's what's happening: I can't get the the item to export correctly as a .cr2. When I open the exported .cr2 in Poser, I don't get any geometry. The rig has come...
  9. What'cha Doin'?

    What'cha Doin'?

    Luna as Deirdre, HW HouseCat, HW Horse-Vanner Skin, Shetland morph, my customizing. Post work in FilterForge and PD Howler 10
  10. Gadget Girl

    How to setup a new Runtime/Content Library in DS?

    Okay first off I should say, I do know in DS how to go to the Content Directory Manager and select an existing folder and tell DS to use it as either a DS or a Poser formatted content library/runtime. But here's the thing I created a huge amount of trouble for myself on my last (and first) DS...
  11. Faithful Vigil

    Faithful Vigil

  12. Ocean Dance

    Ocean Dance

    Practicing lighting techniques. Post work (the splashes) in PD Howler.
  13. American Freedom 4

    American Freedom 4

    Final render with postwork
  14. brian foley

    Iray and 2d textures...

    I own ParticleFX for DS... The only thang stopping us from bringing this back to DS is this IRAY shader thing... All of my textures are 2d and my plugin uses mip mapping to help push the effects nodes... The problem is I havent found a good enough tutorial on converting over to IRAY...If...
  15. brian foley

    Converting JPEG textures into IRAY shaders...?

    Has anyone seen a tutorial on this or even have done it yourself...? I own ParticleFX for DS and the only thing stopping us from bringing this back to DS users is IRAY... In 3Delight ParticleFX works... In iray it doesnt...
  16. Rae134

    HW Horse textures both DS & Poser testers needed - Kitty Ponies set 1

    Hi, I'm looking for both Daz Studio and Poser testers for my "Kitty Ponies" textures. Poser textures are ready now, 3Delight options are also ready, but I'm still working on Iray options but they should be done by the end of the week :)
  17. skylab

    SKYLAB Free Stuff

    I'll be posting links here to my free stuff at ShareCG. I've just begun doing a few DAZ Studio 4 poses in addition to the Poser content, so in order to keep things organized, I'll be uploading to two different accounts, according to type. Poser content: ShareCG - skylab's Gallery DAZ Studio...