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  1. FJ Holden With Lion

    FJ Holden With Lion

    Rendered in Carrara
  2. Reach for the stars

    Reach for the stars

  3. Breakfast With Tiffany

    Breakfast With Tiffany

    Rendered in Carrara
  4. Big Lion

    Big Lion

    Hivewire's Lion rendered in Carrara
  5. Sausage dog

    Sausage dog

    Hivewire3d dog playing in Carrara
  6. Azure Kingfisher

    Azure Kingfisher

    With its combination of royal-blue plumage on its upperparts contrasting with orange on its underparts, the Azure Kingfisher is one of the smallest and most dazzling kingfishers in Australia. Rendered in Carrara
  7. Apple


    I crossed the HWBig Cat with an apple Rendered in Carrara
  8. To The Hive

    To The Hive

    Modeled Lightyear outfit, teddy, wombat, emu & echidna in Carrara Used Dusk & Hivewire Dog, flock formations
  9. Delta Dawn

    Delta Dawn

    Modeled chook, ray gun and flea in Carrara. Used Dawn
  10. Save Me

    Save Me

    ModeledGumby & plant in Carrara Hivewire3D dog
  11. Jack Rabbit Dance

    Jack Rabbit Dance

    after long periods of no rain Jack Rabbit will venture out and do the rain dance for the Unicorn Brumby to excite the rain gods and have them cry with laughter ... and to hopefully end the drought.
  12. DiveBell


    Modeled in Carrara
  13. a fly!

    a fly!

    Setup & rendered in Carrara
  14. Hickory Dickory.............

    Hickory Dickory.............

    Setup & rendered in Carrara
  15. Craigh Na Dun

    Craigh Na Dun

    Rendered in Carrara
  16. Wacky Race Vehicles

    Wacky Race Vehicles

    I had a wacky idea to model a Wacky Races vehicle..... well.. 2 and a half weeks later I ended up with this lol all modeled in Carrara and rendered in Cararra.. you can see the thread in the Carrara board.. over yonder
  17. Do You Have The Time

    Do You Have The Time

    If you could go anywhere in time................... where would you go?
  18. Dick Dastardly

    Dick Dastardly

    A wet weekend modeling and rendering in Carrara
  19. Robots OnLine

    Robots OnLine

    when all the robots get online together! Rendered in Carrara
  20. Carrara Odd Girls 14

    Carrara Odd Girls 14

    Part of my second Odd Girl Project created in Carrara. The figure in this image is V4 (I believe this is pre-Dawn). This was my first go with an all procedural skin in Carrara.