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  1. Kangaroo


    Roo outside of the local
  2. Autumn Frog

    Autumn Frog

    Rendered in Carrara ~ figures also modelled in Carrara
  3. DeBuggingRoom


    wondering what the heck it could be
  4. Eastern Spinebill

    Eastern Spinebill

    Frequents our backyard
  5. 2020 Season to be Jolly

    2020 Season to be Jolly

    Setup in Carrara
  6. 2020 in Carrara

    2020 in Carrara

    modelling and rendering in Carrara
  7. Halloween Cat

    Halloween Cat

  8. Spaceman


  9. Stezza

    Baby Yoda ~ obj

    converted from Carrara format to obj for you all to play with... basic texture maps. You'll find him in the Wacky Modeling thread at Daz's Carrara forum
  10. Unattended


    Just a 5 minute break
  11. Sabretooth Kitty

    Sabretooth Kitty

    setup and rendered in Carrara
  12. Breakout


    cage & extra props modeled in Carrara
  13. FeedTime


  14. Cats Eye

    Cats Eye

    keeping an eye on things!
  15. Dog on the Tuckerbox

    Dog on the Tuckerbox

    found near the sleepy town of Gundagai .. shop and tuckerbox stand modeled in Carrara.
  16. the Bell

    the Bell

    modeled & rendered in Carrara
  17. Running Around

    Running Around

    in Carrara
  18. Snowy


    Rendered in Carrara
  19. Deer Day

    Deer Day

    Rendered in Carrara
  20. Mr Squiggle And Friends

    Mr Squiggle And Friends

    Modelled and rendered in Carrara.. An Australian kids TV show which started in 1959 celebrating 60 years in 2019.