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baby luna

  1. Look Daddy

    Look Daddy

  2. mininessie

    Daz Studio Baby MN For Baby Luna 2018-04-10

    For DS only! This is a full body Morph i made for HiveWire Baby Luna. You can find the Dial under : Actor/FullBody/Morphs/ "BabyMNforBabyLuna" you can use all the clothing for Luna on it. Some poses need a bit of tweaking because this morph shorted a bit the legs,arms and body. I hope you...
  3. Taking A Nap

    Taking A Nap

  4. Alisa

    HiveWire Figure Sightings!!

    Have you seen an image at another site's gallery or somewhere else, or an animation or ANYTHING using one of the HiveWire figures? If so, please post here. You may NOT repost images/animations/etc without the permission of the original artist, but you MAY post a link that goes directly to that...
  5. Claire de Lune

    Claire de Lune

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  6. A Little Princess In The Fairyworld

    A Little Princess In The Fairyworld

  7. Cozy Time Together

    Cozy Time Together

  8. Sweet baby

    Sweet baby

  9. mininessie

    Poser & DS Baby Rose for Baby Luna 2017-10-25

    Here you have a little character for Luna...was a bit difficult to make the both versions...the slight difference in the images is because the different light in poser and DS...but they are almost identical. Required Products: Baby Luna Baby Luna - A HiveWire 3D Original Creation by...
  10. Autumn Swinging

    Autumn Swinging

  11. Playing in The Leaves

    Playing in The Leaves

  12. mininessie

    Daz Studio Louis for Baby Luna 2017-10-10

    Here is the shape character i did for my "FallSeason" product promo. Includes an Iray preset for the Baby Luna Base boy texture to look like in the promo...the shape uses Baby Luna's Head Shapes - A HiveWire 3D Creation by CG Cubed and Christopher Creek Art and a face flat and cornea bulge...
  13. Fall Season

    Fall Season

  14. Sisters Love

    Sisters Love

  15. mininessie

    need beta tester DS Luna longsleeve textures

    please..i need one at least!
  16. Luna and the Bellflower

    Luna and the Bellflower

    Baby Luna admiring the gorgeous Bellflowers with the Practical Magice textures by NapalmArsenal
  17. Someone is sleeping in my bed

    Someone is sleeping in my bed

  18. Bored Closeup

    Bored Closeup

  19. Bored


  20. mininessie

    Daz Studio Cornea Bulge morphs for Dawn,Dusk,Baby Luna & cat 2017-08-24

    is known that in Daz Iray is difficult to get eye reflections easy...the best way is with the cornea bulge parameter...i did some cornea bulge morphs for Dawn,Dusk,Baby Luna and the HW House Cat.(you can find them in "parameters/Dusk,Dawn,Baby Luna or HwCat/Morphs") They are not perfect...but...