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Daz Studio Baby MN For Baby Luna 2018-04-10

Full body morph for Baby Luna

  1. mininessie
    For DS only!

    This is a full body Morph i made for HiveWire Baby Luna.

    You can find the Dial under : Actor/FullBody/Morphs/ "BabyMNforBabyLuna"

    you can use all the clothing for Luna on it.

    Some poses need a bit of tweaking because this morph shorted a bit the legs,arms and body.

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Baby MN .jpg

    Baby Luna and Baby MN 1.jpg

    Baby Luna and Baby MN 2.jpg

    Baby Luna and Baby MN 3.jpg

    Baby Luna and Baby MN 4.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Daniel Benway
    Daniel Benway
    Version: 2018-04-10
    Marvelous...thank you
    1. mininessie
      Author's Response
      So glad you like it! Enjoy it!
  2. sapat
    Version: 2018-04-10
    Thank you!
    1. mininessie
      Author's Response
      Very happy you like it!