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Xmas 2015 Freebies - 3 (snowplanes) 2015-12-22

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Got an idea when i saw Seliah's wolf pic :D

Just a simple flat plane prop which is parented to the main camera, 6 mats (mc6) and 6 matposes (pz2) included which are transparencies to create snow, 3 types in 2 strengths.
Can add multiple planes, move them around, rescale them to change the look or build up layered effect. the planes will move with the camera so when you move within the scene the snowflakes stay put. if you want the snow flakes to change position, alter the prop position

second image shows example of two snow planes used in front of the main camera.


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Love me some snow for my renders! Thank you for sharing this resource; downloaded and rated with thanks =)