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Out My Back Door
I stood before my sixth grade class and proudly proclaimed, " See, me and ma paw paw, well we caught a hundred dang cat fish long as my two arms on spring break this year..." The teacher grabbed me by the ear and dragged me to the principals office.. "He is at it again." She cried...

The Principal winked at the teacher, thinking he had a great way to pass on the value of truth...."Son, I went camping on spring break, one morning a bear tore into my tent and just as he was about to tear me apart a little pug came out of the woods and killed that bear dead..." Now son would you believe such a story?

" Why certainly", I jumped up and exclaimed, "You see that is my dog and that is the third bear he has done killt, dragged home and buried in the back yard, this year alone..."

Still got that dog, well his great grand son, crossed him with my prized fighting rooster...

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