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Leopard Rider3 WIP

Leopard Rider3 WIP

the fanatical process... !
Post Work Painting Process

Brushing the edge of the cat's coat is where I start,
Then I sink into a trance, like I'm hooked on doodle art,
Madly looking for every straight edge to soften into fur,
I'm glad no one can see me, or they'd say "what's wrong with her!?"

I just can't stop, forgetting to eat, drink water or sleep,
Because every spot's edges must be good enough to keep,
Periodically hitting "save" when I'm happy with what I see,
As long as there is another edge to brush, I'll never be free.

Oh don't get me wrong, Laurie's fur is so very pretty,
I just have to make it an even more painterly kitty...
My eyes glaze over more with each tight controlled stroke,
Hoping for the emotional response I feel art should provoke.

Now, finally I will stop and "sleep on it" overnight,
Then study it with fresh eyes, to check if it's "right"....
I'm sure an artist is never really satisfied with her creation,
I suppose it's just the reality of this particular occupation!
~Lyne's Creations

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