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Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View

Again, on my way to creating birds to go into my latest centaur art piece, I got SO distracted, I ended up doing a whole scene...These are Ken's Great Sparrows that live in Africa- on the savannah...Red-billed oxpecker's fly in the distance.

Ken's ants (ant lines) march across the ground. I wanted to use the ant that seems to be taking over many trees in Africa that prevents elephants from eating that tree - it has a heart shaped black butt, and is dark red otherwise...but I didn't see those in his set, so I used these....

Ken's Common Speckled Flunky Moth flits around...

Environment was created with multiple pieces from different sets, from two sets - ShaaraMuse3D's Sandy Retreat for the far background and shrubs. Foreground is from The Wasteland by vikike176.
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