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Leopard Hunt
I have heard of being hungry enough to eat the rear of a hobby horse but ...well, he's got the wrong end......lol Great render:)
@Carey HaHa! Thanks. :D Couldn't find a good antelope to fit the render so i ended up with a Ram instead. LOL The one I found really need a big overhaul in texture and morphs. :S
Yeah, looks great. That's gotta hurt though. Still, very cool. Nice work
I have been trying for years for a way to make the daz antelope at least look as good as being rather lame, near as I can come is in low light and way off in the distance...lol besides an encounter the this could happen there is talk they plan to re-introduce the Mexican jaguar. they are training them to hunt drug dealers and then will realize them into the wild...lol

That leopard looks great!

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