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  1. Wokfu


    Behold the wushu of Wokfu, an ancient martial art in cooking weaponry. Comments are welcome
  2. Kate


    Meet Kate. Macerena HD - Mousso Pattern Hair - Hellboy Xenya Hair - Outoftouch Face Metal Gear - Biscuits/Ghostman Earrings and Choker - Inception8
  3. Magic Mushroom

    Magic Mushroom

    Sculpted in ZBrush 2018 using the new Sculptris Pro feature. Painted and rendered in ZBrush 2018. Enjoy!!. :)
  4. La Roux

    La Roux

    One of those red hair days.... Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  5. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

    My take of Wonder Woman character used : Ophelia 7
  6. Princess of Magic

    Princess of Magic

    Princess of Magic II for V3 on G3F Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  7. Hardware


    Hardware : Featuring Face Metal Gear from Ghostman and Biscuits The PG-13 Version Comments are welcome Thanks JV.
  8. Same Prey

    Same Prey

  9. Regal Monarch

    Regal Monarch

  10. Evelyn Dawn Huckley

    Evelyn Dawn Huckley

    Dawn with Ghostshades and Evi Hair Comments are welcome. Thanks JV
  11. Pamela


    Cheesecake : Pamela Sporting Ghostshades by Ghostman Evi Hair by Biscuits Comments are welcome Peace! JV
  12. Gretchen : Here's my number...

    Gretchen : Here's my number...

    So, call me maybe?! My second render of Gretchen Credits : Ghost Shades by Ghostman Juni Hair by Biscuits Comments are welcome. Thanks JV
  13. Taurus Snake

    Taurus Snake

    ZBrush Sculpt for my friend Biscuits.
  14. Aries Horse necklace

    Aries Horse necklace

    ZBrush Sculpt.
  15. BirdieNamNam


  16. Archer


  17. Maxine & Rotty

    Maxine & Rotty

    Maxine and Rotty taking a break. Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  18. Thinking Of You_Retake

    Thinking Of You_Retake

  19. Ancient Fountain

    Ancient Fountain

    Playing around in Zbrush and Quixel. test render in P11 Pro.
  20. Bagheera