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Legend Of The Red Eagle
An old warrior passes on his knowledge to the young members of the tribe.
Many many seasons ago, when I was a young brave, our tribe went on the war path against a neighboring tribe. It was said that the bravest, fiercest of all warriors was the leader and defender of this tribe. Though he was the greatest of warriors his only true wish was for his people to live in peace.

Although we attacked with a greater number of braves this warrior fought like he were 10 men. During the battle I had the opportunity to draw my bow on this warrior. I took careful aim and released my arrow. It flew straight and true and struck the great warrior in the heart. He began to fall from his pony and as he did our braves left out a tremendous war cry. At that moment time seemed to slow down as braves from both tribes watched as the great warrior fell toward the ground. However before his body reached the ground it was transformed into a huge Red Eagle.

The Red Eagle rose up in front of our braves, carrying in its beak the arrow I had used to strike down the great warrior. It was such a powerful sign that all of our braves, except for me, retreated from the battle. The Red Eagle flew directly toward me and I thought that it was going to strike me down, but instead it came up short and snapped the arrow in its beak into two pieces and dropped them at my feet. It then flew back and circled above the other tribe. As I looked down at the broken arrow I knew that this was a sign that we had to make peace between our tribes.

To this day, our tribes have lived peacefully with each other. No others have ever dared to attack for fear of the tribes protector, The Red Eagle.
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