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  1. Abiha


    Abiha for G8F by TwiztedMetal
  2. Summerjam


    Summerjam - dforce Basics Skirt by LUNA3D
  3. Indian Princess

    Indian Princess

  4. Cowboys And Indians

    Cowboys And Indians

    Fun with the new appy!
  5. American History

    American History

  6. Indian Star

    Indian Star

  7. Nanahe


    Dusk, HW Horse Nanahe are the fairy folk of some of the Native Americans.
  8. Inktober-5


  9. Aruni Portrait

    Aruni Portrait

  10. Legend Of The Red Eagle

    Legend Of The Red Eagle

    An old warrior passes on his knowledge to the young members of the tribe.
  11. To The Spirits Above

    To The Spirits Above

  12. Wapi


  13. Little Dove And Bones

    Little Dove And Bones

    Little Dove Again, this time with her horse who she calls "Bones" because he has a rough gait that hurts your bones.
  14. Indiginous


  15. Two Spirits As One

    Two Spirits As One

  16. Golden Eagle

    Golden Eagle

  17. I Heard the Owl Call My Name

    I Heard the Owl Call My Name