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I have had birds my whole life, got tired of waiting for any fancy breed pigeons, so...I made my own.... To whom it may concern: Did you know there are well over 300 different breeds of fancy pigeons????
@Red Eagle @mininessie having had birds most of my life I can attest that even a little bird the size of a sparrow creates a good deal of wind when flying about. I once had a flight of pigeons that measured 150 birds. when I left them out to fly you could feel the wind from them flying over from fifty foot in the air! That being said my fantails couldn't flap their tails fast enough to make a candle flicker, now I must admit the thought never occurred to me to grab one of my fantails and wave his but in my face...lol

mini I was only able to do well enough for them to be seen at a distance, real fantails actually lay their heads way back until it lays near flat on their backs and actually touches their tail, what is interesting this display is not part of any mating dance. their mating dance is pretty much like that of any other pigeon...I could show you, but I can't blow my neck up and strut about like I did in my younger days, but I can still coo...lol
@Stezza I am a bird nut, I am so gone that I find places to sit out doors so I can watch the sparrows come and go, course the ones around my house are nearly tame by now...lol I am so far gone, I used half naked woman to lore people in to look at my birds...lol
I'll be the first to admit I looked at this piece of art for the sake of the interesting birds… :)
(I didn't realize that we could submit art like that here)
fun conversation going on under this piece too :)

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