• Welcome to the Community Forums at HiveWire 3D! Please note that the user name you choose for our forum will be displayed to the public. Our store was closed as January 4, 2021. You can find HiveWire 3D and Lisa's Botanicals products, as well as many of our Contributing Artists, at Renderosity. This thread lists where many are now selling their products. Renderosity is generously putting products which were purchased at HiveWire 3D and are now sold at their store into customer accounts by gifting them. This is not an overnight process so please be patient, if you have already emailed them about this. If you have NOT emailed them, please see the 2nd post in this thread for instructions on what you need to do

Where are my purchases?


Good morning, all, on a Sunday morning. I had purchased several things from Hivewire a couple of years ago before the Hivewire shop closed - and am wondering if I want to redownload those purchases where would I find them? Did they transfer over to the Renderosity site?

Thank you.


Miss B

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They are no longer available here since end of January, I think. And they have not been fully transferred to Renderosity, but you can send them an email over there and they should transfer your order history.
Transfer of Customer purchases at HiveWire 3D to the store at Renderosity
Just be prepared to wait, as I sent an email when we first were told to, and have not gotten a confirmation they received my email.

I had posted something similar on the Renderosity forum and stated I "think" they won't get to the general members/customers accounts until all the Contributing Artists have all their products in the store. I believe that's absolutely necessary for the Renderosity team to get our HW3D purchases set up in our accounts there. It was confirmed by Jenn Blake, a Renderosity administrator.

If you don't have an account at Renderosity, then you should set one up before emailing them, as they'll need that information as well.

Satira Capriccio

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The email we need to send is simply providing the information to Renderosity they will need when they are able to begin transferring our purchase history. Renderosity needs to be able to match up our HiveWire purchase history to our Renderosity purchase history. To do so, they need our HiveWire account name and our Renderosity account name.

I was one of those who received a response to my email. However, it wasn't so much a confirmation email, as informing me my inquiry was forwarded to the Marketplace Manager. After getting several emails from HiveWire customers, she may have decided to just forward the emails rather than responding to every single one.