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What if I get a second ZBrush Licence?


I found a way to get a Mac Book Pro. It is a package deal which includes Zbrush and some other stuff. What good would it be if I get two licences to ZBrush?
Also how do I close the open file pop up thing that is blocking the view of my work space?
Here is what I get with my Mac Book Pro bundle


I already got one license of ZBrush but this will get me a second one.
I almost said Blender. I have not gotten any license of Blender as I do not know how. I am getting sleepy.


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Blender doesn't require a license. Dunno about the second license then.


Do you need an extra licence? ZBrush allows us to run it on two machines already, but I'm not sure if that applies to running it cross-platform to both PC and Mac. You could probably ask about that at the ZBrush Central forum.