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The Story Tellers Thread


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Your Tinman and Scarecrow look really scary, they make the evil monkeys look cute :D

(don't get me wrong I like scary/creepy/dark images)


Your Tinman and Scarecrow look really scary, they make the evil monkeys look cute :D

Okay, I could have spent a week of sleepless nights designing my own scare crow head or I could buy something to use for two bucks on sale. ...lol Besides I sort of wanted him to look scary...lol Now the tin man is a slightly modified free model, you might recognize it as the terminator model...."I'll BE Back!!" and he is, as the tin man, made the hat right in poser....


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Did you notice that Tinman has his hand around the throat of one of the monkeys Rae? Definitely a scarier Tinman...


I was unsure how to handle part of the action, see the tin man is holding an axe and there are two monkeys holding the axe back so he can't wing it. but when I put in the trees all that fell into shadow or is hard to see...


For the Tinmanator, I took a galvanized metal texture and used the math function edge blend and introduce a rust shader, set alt spec to binn, reduced the reflection setting to 4, added 0.2000 of reflection gloss, (I add reflection to almost everything), added a nice scaley texture and added some ambient light to the eyes. ou know all the fun sort of things. I rarely if ever use a stock texture. It is probably due largely to my color theory classes. See content creators generally make a stand alone texture for their products and when you use them in conjunction with other products they can and many times do literally tear your work apart. nothing flows and everything wants to stand out on it's own for it's own sake. So you have to tame those colors down a little. I don't know whether you noticed it or not but Poser tends to do this any way, even more so if you mix a little bit of color to bring it more in line with every thing else. Now I am not saying you do this every time, it depends.....It depends on many things, you have to think about the statement you are trying to make. I hate to say this but you have to think about how best to "sell" your image. There are so many things to consider, perspective, movement, capturing the eye and then finally adding a bit of your own special "magic" to make it your fun and yes by all means make it fun to look at. So many people forget that final step, make it look like you had fun doing it, I know the reason most of us still do it because we think it is fun, well, why not show that?


Now I have a question...I just got my latest ad from hivewire and lo and behold My work is in the ad... Now I have been published many times over in my lifetime, but you know I still love driving around town and seeing things like my logo on a business or one of the sculptures I helped work on still in the city park. I don't know what there is about it but every time I see my work being published, no matter how small the publication or large I get tickled to see it there...

And I am grateful, see I know the powers to be in the universe, gave me a little something a little extra somewhere and when I see my work in public, I know I am doing what I am meant to be doing... so I give thanks each and every time. so this is me giving thanks....It has been a long time since any of my work was published for any reason....



Okay here is the (unfinished) story of mine, thought I would see how well epics are received around here...lol

The Story teller

Twas a misty morning when he came to town

The dawn came slowly as if floating down

Are you that sure its him, they asked of all

We just don't remember him so tall

Dressed he was, Near all in black

with him was carried a small little sack

its strap was worn thin, from so many miles

the sack carried books, stuffed full of smiles

He went straight to the school house, sat on a stump

put on some glasses, on his nose they did bump

he reached for a book sort of read for awhile

while the crowd gathered, for they now knew his style

He looked up once, twice, and when the crowd swelled

He cleared his throat his stories to tell

The first story was short

an introduction of sort

He then started in, so slow to begin

He painted great pictures of places he'd been

He told of blue fairies evil giants with limps

he had us all laughing, when he mentioned those imps

They seemed so real, for words were his brush

the air was his canvas, he left us in hush...........

We came to know the fairies all by name

The giants by deed, the imps by their flame

This story it built, to a thunderous roar

He stopped for a moment, we all yelled, "please more!"

He played at our heart strings, a devilish man

he kept us all spell bound, for that was his plan

the space in his words had us pulling at grass

brought tears to the eyes of each lad and lass

for he built to past climax, making time near stand still

a blue fairies in trouble, Its hopeless until

The Imps, they change colors, chase the giants away

The imps they're the heros, for they save the day

We all breathed again, as the he drew to a close

it ends when a moral, an ending he chose

What unlikely heros, those devilish Imps

he caught us again made us feel all like simps

The story had ended yet still we did sit

we looked down at our hands, then each other a bit

For this tale he had told, touched something inside

it bothered us some, that was hard to deride

for the story you see, was no simple tale

it had meanings in meanings, had us chasing at sails

The older the child, the more perplexing it was

voices were raised, they started to buzz

He paid no attention, no questions he'd hear

some children asked loudly, that brought on some jeers

He reached for his sack, in his books he did put

stood up from the stump and raised a right foot

Then followed his left, then turns they both took

til he neared the road and turned for a look

then spoke to the youngest, for he'd understood

the tale he had told us, the tales from the wood

turned and he wondered on down the trail

he looked somewhat injured, he looked somewhat more frail

I was a mere child, when he first came to town

I was the youngest, a small sort of clown

He'd spoke to me then, for I'd understood

All he had said, well, all that I could

I've tried to continue his work, no, not for me

but for the others..... in hopes, hopes they might see

for He'd spoke of fairies, Imps and then giants

he'd spoke with an air of great self reliance

I know I fall short, still searching I am

for that great tale and how it began

that I came to chose, this uncertain path

how to tell you his story and not show you my wraith

for I understood then, as I understand now

I wished you could see it, but still I ask how

How can I tell you, so much left unsaid

and now he is gone, beneath a green bed

But, he came many times, in my younger years

he built on our hopes, helped quiet my fears

and each story seemed, to build on his last

they looked to the future, but, told of things past

called an old bum, when no where aroun

but all came to hear him, when he came to town

And sometimes, I so wish, wish, he had knew

just what he'd meant, to a small boy turning two

See, He just never knew, what he'd started, you see

that his stories so dear..... Made a Story Teller of Me


Well Carey where have you been? Well I have been research a new story, It has Gremlins that live in a machine, nasty video card eating Gremlins and chew at your mother board and when you go to replace the video card they weaken your mother board and break it... I am not done researching the story just yet. For obvious reason's I am hoping it has a happy ending, but you know I am a story teller and the plot already has some pretty mean twists to it. I however functional and am producing work again, art work that is, I never stop writing....


Oh and you might ask why I am not producing right now, well the idea of getting a new video card snow balled on me...Fact it that it has turned into a nightmare. I ended up with a new motherboard, new hard drive, new video card and no way yet to recover my writing and render files...I thought I had my old windows stabilized enough to recover those files and today it just sort of fell apart on me in the middle of recovery of those files....


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Part of my book called "Chicken Talker"

I was out coming back from a job one night. My old work truck started acting up, finally it stopped running all together and I came to a stop at the side of the road. Well I got out and pulled the handle for the hood. I had the hood barely up when I heard a voice…”It’s your fuel pump. “ I jumped up and looked around and there was nothing there just an old crow three foot away on a fence post. I sort of jumped back as that crow flew right at me then landed on my trucks fender. Well, that bird looked down into my engine compartment and then spoke again. “heard it right off” that crow said.

Now I was stunned. I just sort stood there mouth open. Well, what do you do in a case like this? I am betting you would do the same stupid thing I did, “Did you just say something?” I asked the crow sheepishly

“Battery looks corroded too” “Better wash your shield while I’m at it.” Now I got a big smile on my face. I got all excited. I felt like the fellow that had just found me a tap dancing frog that already knew two Broadway songs. I looked up and saw a fellow sort of walking my way from his house down off the road. I started walking towards him and the crow flew right along with me as he passed me and as he did he said, “I’d get that fixed if I were you!” I reached the fellow and we shook hands the crow landed on the fence right by us.

Well I was all excited, “That crow there is he yours?”

Old boy let out a spit that landed right by my foot and answered, “Yep, raised em from a sparrow I did.”

“Well he talks, heck he told me what was wrong with my truck!” I near shouted with excitement….

The old man started in to laughing then said, “Yea, that would be old Slewfoot fer ya..” he laughed and then spit at my foot again coming ever so close to hitting it then he spoke, “Wouldn’t pay em no mind if I was you.”

“What, what do you mean?” I asked

“Well, me and Slewfoot there we worked the local gas station for twenty years together.” He laughed and spit again. I went to move my foot least he got it on my boot and he must of took that as a challenge cause he nailed my boot right in the middle. “ Old Slewfoot, he don’t really know a blasted thing about cars or trucks and such.

Just then that crow flew over and landed on the old mans shoulder, he looked over at me and said, “That’ll be $6.48, want me to check the oil sir?”

The old man spoke up, “ Looks to be a quart low, want me to add some for ya?”

The crow spoke, “Quaker state or Pennzoil sir?”

The old man laughed real low and slow then said, “Come on young fellow, I suspect you’ll be wanting ta call somebody and then we go back and take a look at that truck of yern.”

Then he spoke to the bird, “Man’s got something on his boot. Wipe it off will you?”

The crow reached down and grabbed the hanky out of the old mans front pocket and flew down and wiped my boot off.

The old man leaned in to me and whispered, “Tell em you got it, or we’ll be here all day.”

I got a big smile on my face when I said, “You got it.”

Slewfoot jumped into the air carrying the hanky with him and flew back to the fence...

The old man then told me “Come on son, let me show you the phone.”

As we walked away I looked back over my shoulder. I caught the crow flying that hanky over to the fence and taking much time to spread it out to dry….



As A long time Parrot Parent I have seen so many amazing things. Like the time I got sick and My Macaw didn't get to come out for play time for three full days. He unscrewed the bolts that held his cage together and came over and climbed up in bed with me.

And that was before we were full mates... Yes, That bird is my mate. People don't understand what that means and you know I am still learning what all it means. Some might describe it as marriage though clearly it is not. See, a parrot is not a domesticated animal. It is a wild animal torn from it's natural environment. It does it's best to adapt to ours which is always unsuccessful. All it's wild instincts though are very much intact. When a parrot reaches a certain age it is driven to seek a mate. I do mean driven. Another thing that might help you understand what being a parrots mate means... A bird doesn't have the total intelligence level of a human, but they have the same emotional make up as a human.

Yes that is right they suffer from love just like we do. They have them all and when they lose their mate they suffer real depression.

Being I work with birds that come to us with what I many times term as “People Problems” I have “treated” birds that have been driven crazy by their human mate. My Macaw, my mate, doesn't like me going anywhere with out him, he has a great sense of humor, gets mad at times, bites me even, he has days when he is in a great mood and days he is almost unbearable. He is over bearing and controlling

Sounds like marriage to me....lol

There is one thing I feel I should add here. While a parrot has all those great big human emotions, they tend to have the temper of a two year and many have the intelligence level of a human five year child.

Parrots are most generally also frustrated. See, they want to commensurate their marriage and be with their mate 24/7. It is not something they just desire it is something our maker hard wired into them.

Having the “moves” put on you by a bird can be disconcerting to the parrot parent, especially a new parrot parent. In my observations of different types of parrot it generally goes something like this. They move in and are playful, then they generally preen you or feed you or both then they will move in on your hand and try mounting it. The longer you let them go the harder they try.

This might be varied as parrots are “different strokes for different folks “ type of beings. What remains the same are the frustrated results on the part of the parrot. You have not lived until you have been ejaculated on by a love sick umbrella cockatoo, nor will you likely live it down if it is witnessed...lol

From my book (Chicken Talker)


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
I love the way you did this second one.
The trees have faces, the monkeys do look evil, those glowing red eyes on the Tinman and that dog looks ready to do some serious chewing on monkey legs.
there are so many things here that is really does tell a story. :)


The wife can’t understand our dog. She pointed out the other day how he would get food out of his dish and then set it down in the middle of the front room, then he goes back to his dish eats a bit and then goes and eats the piece he left out. I laughed, “You just don’t get it do you?” “The dog was saving that one piece of dog food for desert.”

“Oh yea”, my wife asked, “What about all the pieces he hides around the house, like my bed?”

Even though I knew my wife would never understand it, I answered her, “Dog treat, he lays it around the house to get our smell all over it, then it becomes a treat for him…”

It is like when he started putting on some serious pounds, I told the wife to give him less food. She informed me that if she does that he just sits at his food bowl all day and won’t eat at all, “He just sits and whines.” she said

I replied, “Well what you do is get several bowls the same color but different sizes and change them out over time.”

To which my wife said, “ Your so smart. You think just like a dog, don’t you?”

I didn’t answer her. I walked away feeling as though I had some how just been insulted, but I couldn’t make up my mind how…..