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textures for karth bib for luna

hi all im making some texture for the bib karth made and id like yr opinons this is the first time i have ever made iray textures would u tell me if it looks ok on the render please and if any one would know how to save thm many thnks
Screenshot 2017-10-26 01.28.28.png

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Oh I know, I guess I worded my response as if I was referring to a new bib, other than the one Karth had created. I was strictly speaking of the adorable texture you created. ;)


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
looks so cute dear!
to save you need to select the Bib then in Ds
go to "File/save as/material preset/"
then in the popup select all the material zones and save without compress.