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StudioArtVartanian (Joanna) has passed away


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I didn't know her personally, but I know some of our CAs did. I certainly knew her lovely products. This is a big loss to the community and of course, more of one to those who knew her. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

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It was so very sad to hear. There is an outpouring of grief and loss at Rendo which shows how loved she was by her fellow vendors and members. A good person taken too soon.


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Wow... what shocking and terrible news! I didn't know her personally at all but I have always loved and admired her huge talent and her products. A huge loss to our community for sure...


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She was so young, it's just shocking. I'm quite sad right now. Such a great talent, so kind and helpful. She loved dogs too.


One of my absolute favourite creators, her products are one of a kind, and she was always so helpful if you asked her questions. She truly cared about her customers. I am deeply saddened by this :cry:


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Such sad and tragic news. I didn't know her but her products clearly show someone who was passionate about creating. May she rest in peace.

Miss B

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I just saw this in Sky's post, and I added my comments to the already 4 pages of outpouring from fellow vendors and members at Renderosity.

I'm in such total shock, I don't think it's totally set in yet. I've always been such a huge fan of her products, and the once or twice I communicated with her, she was always cheerful and helpful. Truly a great loss to the 3D community at large. :cry:


I'm absolutely stunned! She's been my must go to for her wonderful products for a long time now. I feel like I've just lost another hero! Rest In Peace dear lady!

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Another great content creator has passed. StudioArtVartanian's Products and inspiration will live on with all of the people that both knew her personally, or drew inspiration and enjoyment from her creations. While I did not know her personally, I do have several products, and admired many more.

Perhaps we should have a Rendermembrance?


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Miss B, although not really a challenge, could it still go there so people looking for something to do might find it? it could always be moved or copied later on to the "its about the art" thread (or just a new thread in "its about the art" with a heading "SAV Rendermembrance" or some such?)

This is such a great loss :cry:


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What a terrible loss for us here, and a devastating loss for her family. I never spoke with her. I only knew her art. But I'm shocked and shaken to hear of her passing. I can't quite believe that I'll never see another of her characters, hair and all. It's amazing how many people she touched sheerly through her creations, and how profoundly her passing moves those of us who only experienced her art. I can't imagine how those close to her must feel.

I think a memorial gallery and tribute art sounds lovely, too. It's a perfect suggestion.