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Starting a Private Conversation...


HW Honey Bear
I'm STILL learning the forum functions... I kept looking all over for how to start one with a specific person... then just clicked on START A NEW CONVERSATION...and as I typed in part of a member's name, I got the little pop up with the name- so I could "select it"!! Just like when I do an @ sign and start to type, I get all the member's names that I might want... This is really neat, especially for my dyslexic mind/memory for name spellings!!

This is such a cool forum! hee hee!

Miss B

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I agree Lyne, as this forum software has a number of goodies I've never seen on forums before. I'm liking it too. :)


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Oh, and while there are probably a number of ways to start a conversation....

Click on "Inbox" at the top right of the page next to your name, and the option of "Start a Conversation" will be there :)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
That's how I usually do it Alisa, but I've also discovered that clicking on someone's avatar pops up a dialog with several options, including Start A Conversation, so that's maybe a little quicker than having to open the Inbox first.


I've been here a few years but have never received a PM til the other day when I was told to check my PM's. I have no idea how or where to do that. How do I check to see if I have one to check? Do I get an email? Or when I sign into the site is there some sort of thing that tells me I have a PM?

Also, Is 'start a conversation' the same as sending a PM? Sorry, confused. I got the start a conversation thing, It's just the PM thing I'm clueless about.