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Somewhat off topic...


I've been working on a story called SpellCaster for quite sometime and only recently had time to revisit it. I'm trying to world build here, and I'd like a little feedback. This is just a little backstory stuff I'm trying to work out for his world, such as how magic works and such. I've actually already written much of the first book in this trilogy. (I'm shooting for a trilogy, it may not be.) So anyway, this isn't supposed to give you a full explanation of what the story is about or anything. Just your thinking on what I've written here. If you have any questions or you don't understand, please feel free to ask for more information.

This basically deals with how the main character acquired her powers:

Spellcaster Series

Madrigal is a world controlled by magic. It is everywhere and Influences everything. It is studied there and treated as we do science, except not everyone is capable of controlling the Magical forces of the world. The people who are, are all called Spellcasters. In this world ALL Spellcasters are male, but not all males are Spellcasters. There are two exceptions to this rule. The Sorceress and The Emissary are the only two females in Madrigal known to be able to control actual magic. They are also without exception the two most powerful Spellcasters in Madrigal.

The Sorceress and the Emissary are most likely related by blood. The Emissary is usually, but not always the first female child born to a generation after the previous Sorceress has assumed her role. For Instance, Aeryn and Trina are cousins born about a year apart. Aeryn is the Emissary because she was born first. If Aeryn dies BEFORE she becomes the Sorceress, Trina will inherit that role. If Aeryn becomes the Sorceress. then the FIRST female born into that family will become the next Emissary.


Nice cover Earl. It's hard to give feedback on your story with so little to go on, for me anyway.
Thanks, Bonnie. I know it's not much to go on as far as the story, but I was trying to give you an idea of the Fictional world I was setting up and a general idea of the rules. For instance there are actually three levels of magic in this world. Low level magic is pretty much harmless. Telekinesis, illusions some pyrokinesis (sparklers, flash bangs), etc. Mid level magic is different. All magic comes at a cost as it has to be channeled through the body and it will quickly take a toll on the practitioner. Think Harry Potter magic. Something like that.
High level Magic is devastating. You can control the elements, cause fruits vegetables and flowers to grow (one of the jobs of the Emissary) is to bless the harvest and planting each year. For all intents and purposes, she's basically a real life Mother Nature. But it drains her quickly. Most male Spellcasters are somewhere on a spectrum between Harry Potter and Dumbledore as far as skill. So experience counts as much as Power level. Magic can heal, but after a point, it actually does more damage than good.