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Share your Sora for Dawn renders here.


Contributing Artist
Awesome renders all of them. She's a very flexible model !

I've a got a few cooking! Except I had a crash and and to restart.
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There ya go NA. Very cool. Love the cat addition, and very clever to swap out the shotgun shells with the blades.

Yes, I agree it's got a better feel. House kitty has all of these cool morphs need some Anime textures for him! LOL hey the brain is always working on ways to change and improvise!
Check your email?

=) I'm just getting started working with her! I have a feeling she's going to be a go to figure for a while!

Going to work a little Harajuku fashion magic in there and see what comes out!

Especially love the kitty here!!
Thanks also!
I need to take a little more time and pose him better, but yeah I think he and Sora are going to be good companions.
Maybe a little Kilala and Kirara from Inuyasha.


Contributing Artist
Awesome render tparo!

Love the cat in render NA...I agree the feet need to be adjust just a tad either having them on her shoulder or even making the cat slightly bigger and having her back paws on Sora's breast.


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Another Quick one could have done with rendering for longer.
Great stuff. Love the red theme and the high contrast lighting. Also enjoy what you're doing with the Tenacity wear.

Been posting your work on the HiveWire facebook page. Its just so candy-lishous good.