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Selling my ZBrush License



I am looking for a new happy owner for my Pixologic ZBrush license.

I am selling my license since I simply don't use it, I tried ZBrush and loved it , however I find that my time is limited and I need to pick my battles.
My main job is Software Engineer, and for career choice, this seems to be something I just can't quit as my love for coding always pulls me back to it.

I have checked with Pixologic in 2 mails. There was a discussion going on before that you were not allowed to sell the licenses anymore.
This is true if you live in US, however I am living in Germany/Europe and here you are allowed to transfer licenses.

This is a true transfer. Pixologic will assist and remove my license key, and replace it with a new which will be your key.
So no ties to my name will remain.

Here is a response I got from Pixologic about the matter:

Hi Christer,

When you find someone to purchase your license, you will need to contact us. You do not give them any of your current license information at all. We will disable that and issue them their own.


Will Miller
Pixologic Support

So that is how it works.

Today a ZBrush license costs 895 US dollars.
I am selling mine for 700 Euro. I bought it for 745 euro. After that a new patch arrived and the price of it went up, but I am only asking for 700 for my license.
In US dollars that's a 100 off of the original price, which seems fair to me as it is software, there will be no scratches or non-functioning parts =)

Let me know if you are interested.
If you are I will let Pixologic take over for the transfer after which we can do the payment.

Christer Söderlund