Robotech/Macross Fan Art

Discussion in 'The Meadow' started by theschell, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. 3DcgX

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    I saw a bit of it, it’s not as god as the 80s one in my book.
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  2. theschell

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  3. theschell

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    I used to watch the original Voltron back in the 80's, but haven't really been interested in the new series... I'd actually drifted away from collecting or watching anime thanks to an ex-wife that ruined it for me and only recently started back into collecting it regularly. It's taken me a long time to overcome the damage my ex did to my interests and hobbies and I've never gotten back into things the way I used to be... sadly...
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  4. eclark1894

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    I hold the same interest there as I do in the new She-Ra. NONE.
  5. theschell

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    Somehow it seems when most stations update shows "for the new audience" they often ignore everything that made the original what it was...

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