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Remembering Joanna/StudioArtVartanian Render thread


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Well always been a fan of Joanna's work so when I saw her supporting Dawn I grabbed it all in one fell swoop! lol

Miss B

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I don't have Maraki or the expansion pack, but they're certainly going to be in my runtime at some point. Just need to save a few bucks first. ;)


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She is really going to be missed. I love her hair sets. She did a lot of great 70s and 80s themed hair and stuff. Her work was lively, so I thought a colorful 70s themed render celebrating her work would be appropriate. I used Lynn Hair and a pre-made background by FrozenStar.
SAV Hair.jpg


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Apparently Rendo is still selling all of SAV's items... not sure who the funds go to or what "SAV" group (?) is made up of.... I have most of those items and get a SAD twinge every time I use them... *heavy sigh*.


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I'm glad that they are still selling them. I imagine the money goes to whoever she left it to, so most likely a family member.

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Yes, I've noticed her store is still open. I think, considering the amount of products, and their popularity, it would be a shame if her store had been closed down completely.


Joanna was, and in our memories will always remain to be, a delightful person to talk to, taking her time for practically everyone and always friendly. The day she passed is a tragic day for us all, we lost someone with a big heart for the community.
But while the loss is great I cannot help but recall the fond memories whenever I use one of her products.

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I feel a bit of a heel posting so late... I had started an image back when I broached the idea of this tribute thread, and just now finished it. Here it is. This has a lot of time in set-up, render, and Post, yet still I am unsure if it does justice for it's cause.

I have used SAV content a lot over the years, in many projects (and in fact the P.I. in my M4 Gumshoe promos who I had intended to use in a short comic is Volg for M4). Such fine work, and this was such a loss for us all.

Miss B

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I have to agree with Pen. I think the costumes and posing work perfectly with the storyline. Indeed a great tribute.