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Quixel 2.1 Released


I break polygons.
New year, new build! 2.1 is OUT: Symmetry painting, Quixel Colors for creating material ID maps in 3ds max and Maya, wireframe & backface toggling in 3DO + lots of other improvements & fixes. Grab the upgrade from within the Suite!

- Introducing: Symmetry Painting, including 1 plane, 2 plane and 3 plane symmetry options
- Introducing: Quixel Colors 1.2, for quickly assigning material IDs in Maya and 3dsmax (including baker for 3ds max)
- Added Wireframe toggle, including presentation settings
- Added Backface Culling toggle
- Added 3D Paint Invert toggle
- Added Seam Dilation slider in paint mode
- Improved Metal & Wood base material values
- Search function in material browser now much faster
- Importer in 3DO now loading faster
- Improved UI for input fields in 3DO
- Updated 21 Pure Metal Smart Materials
- Fixed broken legacy skin
- Fixed issue with disappearing Dynamask editor
- Fixed offline activation bug
- Fixed license activation bug
- Fixed NDO/DDO startup crash
- Various UI improvements
- Additional minor bug fixes



I break polygons.
I've already played with the symmetry painting in a pre-release build and it works well. Also, during a live stream on twitch, they've confirmed the Quixel Colors plugin also coming to Blender soon.


I break polygons.
Honestly it's what I'm waiting for. Colors is an intuitive panel you can search. As it stands, the current method for Blender loads in like a ton of color-shaded spheres that I've gotta hunt for the right material in the scene list.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Oh that sounds like something I'd like as well. Thanks for the heads-up.


I break polygons.
Well it wont mean much without Quixel, but I suppose you could use the colors for any ID map really.