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Product Updates - Details Sku 10500-10599

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10507 - CWRW Pose Pack 1 for the HiveWire Horse
last updated 5-30-2014 (put in store 6-3-2014)

Store link: CWRW Pose Pack 1 for the HiveWire Horse - A CWRW 3D Creation



Updated zip - first one put in had a corruption somewhere in the zip so you would get an error message when you try to unzip. It was updated early yesterday, but that file was not the latest version, and had (I think this was the only problem) the incorrect thumbnail for "USE LIMITS".

So, look at the file you have. If it unzips without error and the "USE LIMITS" thumbnail SAYS "USE LIMITS" and is not an image of the HW Horse, you have the latest file :)

Otherwise, please re-download


5-29-2014 (put in Store 6/3/2014)

updated poses to remove scale/body shape reset, note added to ReadMe about using with different shapes.


10509 - 3D Universe Toon Horse for the HiveWire Horse
last updated 6-25-2014

Store link: 3D Universe Toon Horse for the HiveWire Horse - A 3D Universe 3D Creation


NOTE - Please download and update your files for the following product before installing the Unicorn or other upcoming Horse products!
10509 - 3D Universe Toon Horse for the HiveWire Horse

Poser zip:
1-Updated files: Toon Horse Mane Tail.pz3 and Toon Horse.pz3 to remove hard path to .pmd files
3-\HiveWireHorse\ folder added to \Runtime\Libraries\Character\HiveWire 3D Animals\
4-Folder and all files in \Runtime\Libraries\Character\HiveWire 3D Animals\3DU Toon Horse\ moved to \Runtime\Libraries\Character\HiveWire 3D Animals\HiveWireHorse\3DU Toon Horse \
5-Folder \3DUToonHorse\ (in \Runtime\Libraries\Materials\Hive\HivWire 3D Animals\HiveWireHorse\) renamed to \3DU Toon Horse\
6-Folder \3DU Toon Horse\ added to \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\HiveWire 3D Animals\HiveWireHorse\INJ Morphs\
7-All of the 3DU Toon Horse files that were in \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\HiveWire 3D Animals\HiveWireHorse\INJ Morphs\ moved to \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\HiveWire 3D Animals\HiveWireHorse\INJ Morphs\3DU Toon Horse\

Poser and DS zips:
ReadMe updated to reflect above changes

PLEASE NOTE - if you already have the Toon Horse, please either delete your original files or hand change each of the above items.


10510 - Skelehorse for the HiveWire Horse
last updated 6-3-2014

Store link: SkeleHorse for the HiveWire Horse - A Sparky 3d Creation


DS Version only: Added Fetlock material poses that were inadvertently left out :)

The zip for the Poser version was also updated, but the ONLY change is the note about the update in the ReadMe. No files were updated.


10514 - Fawna for Dawn Poser version
last updated 6-16-2014

Store link: Fawna for Dawn - An Enchantment 3D Creation


Updated texture file FawnaEyes05.jpg and Eyes 05.png thumbnail and updated ReadMe to reflect both DS & Poser versions.


10545 - HiveWire Unicorn
last updated 6-27-2014

Store link: HiveWire Unicorn - A HiveWire 3D Creation by CGCubed, Christopher Creek Art, and CWRW


Poser version:
1-Corrected file version from 10 to 9: HWUnicornBeard.cr2 (in Runtime\Libraries\Character\HiveWire 3D Animals\HiveWireHorse\Unicorn\)

2-Added texture files CWRW_HWTailSpec2.jpg and CWRW_HWTailTransL2.jpg (used in Unicorn Horse Tail texture) to Poser version.

3-Renamed the following pz2 and png files in \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\HiveWire 3D Animals\HiveWireHorse\INJ Morphs\Unicorn\ for clarity

HWUnicornFetlocksINJ is now HWHorseFetlocks-Unicorn Fit
HWUnicornFetlocksREM is now HWHorseFetlocks-Horse Fit
HWUnicornManeINJ is now HWHorseMane-Unicorn Fit
HWUnicornManeREM is now HWHorseMane-Horse Fit
HWUnicornTailINJ is now HWHorseTail-Unicorn Fit
HWUnicornTailREM is now HWHorseTail-Horse Fit

4-Renamed HWUnicornTail.cr2 and HWUnicornTail.png to HWUnicornLionTail.cr2 and HWUnicornLionTail.png for clarity

5-Updated ReadMes for both zips. Updated "Where do I find" sections for Poser and DAZ Studio (no other change for DS version)


10546 - Draft Horse
last updated 7-15-2014 but please check the ReadMe to be sure that the below information is in the files if you purchased prior to 10-24-2017. If it is not, please re-download.

Store link: HiveWire Draft Horse - A HiveWire 3D Creation by CGCubed, Christopher Creek Art, and CWRW


updated Poser version and ReadMe only

1-File Runtime\Textures\CWRW\CWRW_HWHorse\CWRW_HWTailSpec 2.jpg replaced in the Poser version with a file that has the same date as the DS version and other Horse products. The file is the exact same image, it just has a different date.

2-File Runtime\Textures\CWRW\CWRW_HWHorse\CWRW_HWFetlocks TransPSR.jpg added to the Poser version

3-ReadMe updated in Poser and DS versions to reflect this chang


1-19-2018 (in store 1-22-2018)
Added Superfly & Iray mats and reorganized Material folder

Removed these files that are in the Horse Base:

Updated file:

Added File:


10547 HiveWire Horse - Arabian
Store link: http://hivewire3d.com/hivewire-horse-arabian.html

IMPORTANT: If you are updating, see instructions in the update section of the ReadMe!!!!

Update 11-13-2017 (in store 11-15-2017)

Removed these files (they already exist in the Base Horse, which is required for the use of the Arabian)

Added this file:

DS: Added Iray Mats
Updated Material file folder structure and changed some material file names
Updated Thumbnail images for 3DL

Poser: Added Superfly Mats
Updated Material file folder structure and changed some material file names
Updated Thumbnail images for FF


10562- Hands for Dawn (Now Hands for Dawn & Dusk)
last updated 1-26-2015

Store link: Hands for Dawn and Dusk - A Leo Lee Design 3D Creation


1-Name of product changed from "Hands for Dawn" to "Hands for Dawn and Dusk"
2-Contributing Artist name changed from ratorama to Leo Lee Design.
3-Files added for Dusk. Note that hand files are the same for Dawn or Dusk.
To update, simply overwrite the current files in your Poser or DAZ Studio directory.


10570 CWRW Ultra Textures for the HiveWire Horse Pack 1
Product page:

Update 9-18-2018 (in store 9-19-2018)

Added Poser Superfly and Daz Studio Iray MATS, updated Paths of Materials in both DS & Poser Versions and updated ReadMe file to reflect changes. Please see ReadMe for info on how to update!


10575 - Dynamic Evening Gown for Dawn
last updated 11-28-2015

Store link: Dynamic Evening Gown and Drape for Dawn - A Sunfire 3D Creation


corrected internal version number to 9 (of the prop file only)
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