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PoserDAZ Freebie Site - Image Creation Party 2019


Hi everybody,
We are having a little party over at the freebie site. The freebie wiki needs images. It always needs images. There are currently over 9,000 ways to do so.
It's time to make this problem into a fun thing – turn it into a party, with gifts!
The Invitation is here: https://poserdazfreebies.miraheze.org/wiki/Image_Creation_Party_2019.

Please help to make the wiki a little bit prettier.

We will be giving two gifts, one each to two somebodies. They are a $50 DAZ Gift certificate and $25 gift certificate from a 3D content store ... on September 1. If you want your name to be on the list that RobKelk will pick the two names from at random, join in on the image creation party. The theme is "Where is the love for the others?" , because everybody has someone else other than V4. The party invitation contains more information and may have the answers to your questions. But feel free to to use this thread to get your answers here too.

(As an anti-spam measure, you need to be a confirmed user to upload an image to the wiki. Create your account and let Robkelk know what the account name is by PM or a note on his user talk page on the wiki, and he'll confirm your account.)

For legal reasons, this is not a contest. RobKelk is giving gifts to 2 somebodies at random.

Please spread the word!


RobKelk is so happy about the enthusiasm that he is adding another gift certificate!

I promised gifts: On September 1, I'll pick two three uploads at random, and whoever created and uploaded those images gets a $US50 DAZ gift card (one only) or a $US25 gift certificate/card/voucher at the uploader's choice of Renderosity, DAZ3D, or Fantasies Realm (the other two).