Poser keeps adding ALL morphs when rigging figures

Discussion in 'Poser' started by Janet, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Janet

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    When rigging a figure and adding morphs I uncheck everything except for what I want but Poser adds them in anyway. I've been taking them out with a text editor but there must be an easier way.0
  2. Karina

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    Hello Janet,

    I'm not sure whether I understood you right, but I believe I know what your problem is:

    When you leave the Setup Room Poser will mark ALL morph channels in the figure which are supposed to be hidden as "unhidden", whether you checked them as to be imported or not.
    It just does it, no matter what you do. :/

    Try it by yourself:
    Take your figure, enter the Setup Room, then immediately leave it again.
    Voila - all your empty and previously hidden morph channels are suddenly visible.
    The same happens to all "EMPTY-" and thus also previously hidden channels.
    That's Poser's version of FUBAR ! :O

    Note that Poser does NOTHING with the morphs if you leave everything unchecked!
    Except that it sets all the pre-configured channels "hidden 0" :(

    Because I use V4/SASHA-16 exclusively, I came up with a workaround (the how many thousandth is it to deal with Poser glitches?).
    I always have a VERY basic version of SASHA, just in case I need to do anything in the Setup Room.
    (recently needed it again because I added "butt cheek" ghost bones to it...)
    I use this basic version only to add new ghost bones or whatever. It has absolutely NO morph data at all (to speed up the process)

    I have left the setup room I inject my morphs into the newly created figure again (V4 Base, Morphs++, S4, special SASHA morphs, etc.)
    This will reset the "hidden" parameters to the correct values again.
    Then save the new figure (or file) under a different name.

    This might only work with V4/SASHA!!

    I could imagine that someone may even be able to write a Python script to set the "hidden" flags on "EMPTY - " morph channels, thus clearing the problem.

    Unfortunately I'm on a very tight schedule to finally get the SASHA SR-1 out, so I can't be of much more help right now.

    If you have more questions: just ask and I'll try to answer as best as I can!


    EDIT: problem exists since PP2014 at least.
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  3. Karina

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    Just read your signature @Janet, and I couldn't help to think
    "and if pigs can fly, Poser will have all of it's bugs fixed" :D

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