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phd WIP shaders

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
OK question. I'm pretty sure I know what you mean by Contra Lights, but do you use a specific type of light set for that, or do you just arrange them to give you that effect?


Contributing Artist
Historically I think in therm "contre-jour", in French.
Here it is just inf light rotated accordingly + HDRI rotated if needed.
In Iray you can also play with bloom settings for this kind of lighting to get some interesting effects. Like in current Dan30 work or some of my Iray portraits.
If I'd wanted halo in SF, I'd use area light or meshlight. Here I just tested translucensy/specularity balance.


Contributing Artist
Yes, it's too.
My first impression was about some interior wall paints, about 1900-1920 probably... Not exactly, but somewhere near.
Something like this (quick FF)


Dream Weaver Designs
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Yes! That's it, I love that stuff and would be very tempted to paint my own house like that if I could :)


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First round of beta leaded to testing and retesting all ~60 mats and preloads in the pack...
Now in second...
And starting to make promos.


Full velvety in sunlight

View attachment 11745
as is the usual case this is missing a little something, it looks great, but it is just not ready for those super close ups, least not yet...Course I would love to tell you exactly what that little something is that says "I'm Real" but I only know what my eye tells me and not how to achieve that "live" look....