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Netherworks Products


Other than rigging issues, why can SuzyQ2 and Dude 2 cannot be used in Daz Studio?
Also I got them at RDNA and they should be in my RDNA back up section hopefully. I think I read there is a way to request the files to be available at hivewire if I do something like email my receipt to someone but only if I still have receipt and it was done by what's his name? Or was it her user name?


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Hi, Alphina - I moved this post to this thread.

Yes, it would be the rigging that is weightmapped just like Dawn & Dusk, thus why they are Poser only

I'm sending you a pm.


Ok, with joe being so busy, do we still e-mail him for additions or contact you Alisa? (Time to go find what archive I saved my purchase history from DNA to.)

I need to have suzyQ2 added, as need an update to fix her with Octane renderer.

But unsure as to contact Netherworks or Tate for the update, or if it had been updated in the download and I just didn't get it at the time.