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Need fresh eyes to help with celebrity morph!


I'm working on a non-commercial Brad Pitt morph (circa late 1990s) for M4 for my own use (I have a character that resembles him xD). After a few hours my eyes and head get sorta tangled up!! I look at a million different photos, tweak, look at a different million photos, tweak some more and undo my previous tweaks, and so forth until my head is swimming and I have no idea what I'm looking at anymore, and of course cannot figure out where I am going wrong. I'm not worrying about asymmetry, though if that's what's throwing the whole thing off I want to know. I just cannot get the CORE look right and now I've just looked at it too much. I'd welcome suggestions on individual features or proportions or heck, a paintover would be *awesome*.

Here's what I have so far. I did the best I could on a skin (still learning how to paint brows) so I'm just concerned with the morph now. It's not helping that I cannot render anything but fastdrafts with no hair (my computer is slowly dying, working on getting a new one) and unrendered screenshots look SO different from rendered ones!! I'll think I'm close, and then test render and...augh!

unrendered Brad WIP.png

unrendered BP WIP side.png

And then you see what happens when I render it:

Brad morph WIP.png

Haaaaaaaaalp! I want him to look at least accurate enough for people to recognize without me having to tell them who it is! xD


Contributing Artist
Wow, big difference from the top one to the rendered one. The top I would have recognised but not the bottom one (although I really like it!)
I think the render is softening the face up too much? You may need to exaggerate the features a little to get what you need? (looks like he's lost his "dimples" in the render).

(I'd keep a version of this and have a play with a different one so you don't loose what you've done so far :p)


Dances with Bees
OK, first, I do not create character morphs. So take this with a grain of salt. But here's what I see.

1. Brad Pitt's mouth is not symmetrical. His lip on his left side goes up a bit.
2. He has one dimple. On his left.
3. His eyes are smaller than your morph - not really smaller......shorter, from side to side.

Those were my observations.
I recognise him in the screenshot, but not in the render. Maybe try another skin? There are some BP morphs out there in marketplaces.
The lips needs a bit of reworking, smaller upper lip plus less bow.
The eyes, BP has blepharochalasis so the eyes look smaller
Shorten the jaw/chin area, needs to be more rounder.


That might be an M4 thing, the chin almost never gets truly round without using a round face morph, but I'll fool with it!