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Discussion in 'WIPs & Previews' started by ibr_remote, May 3, 2018.

  1. ibr_remote

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    Been using Poser series software for more than a decade, but never felt up to creating animations (tried once a decade ago and promptly gave up). Have recently felt sufficiently comfortable with learning to render animations with Poser, as I have now also been able to use rigged FBX figures with some degree of confidence inside Poser.

    Basically, I have several sources of FBX characters to input:
    Generated characters from Autodesk Character Generator, and Adobe Fuse CC and Adobe Mixamo online. Then there are ready-to-rock-n-roll exported Genesis 3 and 8 figures from Daz Studio 4.x Pro. Additionally, I can acquire FBX character assets from 3rd-party asset creators (Mirye, Vanishing Point, others).

    I have already discussed my experience over at my Journal at DeviantArt. Here, I just want to show my current level of FBX animation rendering in Poser. I need to mention that I had originally made a very glitchy video when the movie settings were 30 frames per second, render every 5th frame, AVI (uncompressed). I re-rendered at every 2nd frame and the result was much improved.

    Here is my concatenated video of my most recent Poser movie rendering (details under the video at YouTube):
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  2. Janet

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    Well done!
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  3. ibr_remote

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    (I guess if you are really curious, you can also see the other Poser rendered movies I made at my Youtube account)
  4. Bonnie2001

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    Very good work as usual!
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  5. Nod

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    It really needs to have dynamic cloth to make it look even better.
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  6. StudioMartillo

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    Good dancing! A talented character you've got there.
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  7. ibr_remote

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    I have to rely on the FBX rig, and unfortunately, Poser Pro 11 cannot drape a dynamic cloth over an FBX rig - I have tried. It cannot recognise the figure, for some reason.
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  8. Nod

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    That's annoying. I guess there's no way of saving the figure back out in Poser format, then reloading it? I've not really used FBX, so not familiar with it.
  9. FlickeringLight

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    I'd certainly be interested to hear more of your experiences and development of using FBX in Poser, I've been using traditional methods and bvh files in Poser for a good while but the free items from Truebones got me started with fbx.
    I think the issue wit the Cloth Room is that apart from pp2 its only set up to recognise a few types of 3D object
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  10. ibr_remote

    ibr_remote Eager

    I think so. It's a limitation.
  11. ibr_remote

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    I tried to apply a BVH animation, then a Poser MoCap, but no success. I really think manually setting the pose for an imported FBX is the way to go at this time. What I haven't yet tried is actually animating with Daz Studio and exporting as an animated FBX; but I read over at their forums that DS does not export animated FBX at this time.
  12. FlickeringLight

    FlickeringLight Inspired

    I just tried a method that seems to make Dynamic Cloth work with FBX figures. Use the Group Editor to spawn props from each body part that the cloth will collide with, parent each prop to it's source part, checking "Inherit bends" did not seem to make much difference in my tests but it probably depends on the model. To be on the safe side, I also parented the skirt I used for the test to the FBX figures hip.
    In the cloth sim, select the props as the collision objects not the body parts and run the simulation. Hide or delete the props when you are happy with the results.
    Remember that Cloth simulations only work on visible items.

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