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mrsparky's freebies-Print in 3d without a 3d printer: free tutorial, news and other freebies…


OK it’s not technically “printing” :)But my first freebie for ages is now available. A tutorial in comic book form. Star Wars fans should check the date on the comic for a little homage;)

A comic which shows how to turn (nearly) any 3D mesh into an actual tangible real world model.

It was originally created for an Outsider Art workshop last year. Outsider Art is where artists, for reasons of health, finances, etc struggle to access the mainstream art world. Something that art charities such as Outside In and many art galleries are attempting to re-dress with shows, events and (obviously recently) online.

Or here a workshop run by the world famous Pallant House Gallery’s amazing community programme and held at the 912 year old Chichester Cathedral.

For those that like real world modelling, I’m also working on another tutorial, how to make 3d water/mud without a 3d Printer. Plus there’s an update on the community workshop I’m slowly building up and yes that really is a motorbike for a dog :)

Or for those artists who prefer their material to be computer based, I’ve added 3 classic freebies back to the PD site. A site that’s been redesigned, using a lot of CSS, the store has been removed etc…so enjoy!

And the link is … www.poserdirect.com



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Fun! Thanks!

I moved this thread over to the Freebie Links forum and added "mrsparky's freebies" to the topic so you can use this to announce them all and folks will be able to subscribe to this thread to be able to know when you have new ones :).

Glad to see you back!